A Prayer by John Calvin

“Nowe let us kneele downe in the presence of our good GOD with acknowledgements of our faultes, praying him to make us feele them better than we have done, so as our whole seeking may bee to submit our selves unto him, and hee may vouchsafe to reach us his hand, not suffering us to bee any more given to our own fancies and affections, but that wee may magnify his goodness which he uses towardes us, and fare the better by it by yielding him the obedience that hee deserveth: specially because hee hath vouchsafed to bring us his lawe and declare it to us, and hath not only showed us the way how to live well, but also vouchsafed to adopt us to bee his children, and to shewe himselfe to be our father and Saviour for our Lorde Jesus Christes sake. That it may please him graint this grace not only to us, but also to all people.”

A prayer of John Calvin from his Sermons Upon the Fifth Book of Moses

Old English as from Calvin’s Day

Thought Provoking

Some months ago I read the following words of truth: Since then it has been power words that jog my memory on my daily walking path. My wife, Sara, and I so often review and remind each other of this truth over our dinner conversations and our times of sharing and prayer. Maybe you will find a nugget of truth in these words that might become applied application to your life.

“When we no longer see ourselves standing before God as our judge, we become perverted. Our ego is inflated. Flattery replaces truth. Our minds are grasped by wickedness and we deceive others. The path that we walk is evil. The result is a self- centered and self- consumed person who has no authentic relationship with God, himself, or others. Flattery, illusion, and deception determine his life. Only the Word of God and the Holy Spirit’s conviction can reveal to us such depths of human sin,”

Jonathan Edwards

Tuesday forenoon, November 26, 1723
“It is a most evil and pernicious practice, in the meditations of afflictions, to sit ruminating on the aggravations of the affliction, and reckoning up the evil, dark, circumstances thereof, and dwelling long on the dark side: it doubles and trebles the affliction. And so when speaking of them to others, to make them as bad as we can, and use our eloquence to set forth our own troubles, is to be all the while making new troubles, and feeding and pampering the old; whereas the contrary practice would starve our affliction. If we dwelt on the bright side of things in our thoughts, and extenuated them all that we possibly could, when speaking of them, we should think little of them ourselves, and the affliction would really, in a great measure vanish away.” Jonathan Edwards
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The Ten Commandments

On the ten commandments

These are the ten words of God.

They are two aspects here, the first is man’s duty to God , the second is man’s duty to man.

The commandments were given to Israel to identify them as the people of God.

In order to get the full impact of them you need to start with Exodus 20:1 “And God spoke all these words, saying:” and include verse 2 “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”
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