12 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I looked up the meaning of it and in Italian it means “little hood” referring to the Capuchin monks of Italy that wore the hooded monks robes.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  2. No I can not answer this question. Thanks for posing the question as I researched and found out a lot about the coffee drink.J

  3. No, I don’t know either and though I am familiar with the name of the coffee, I didn’t recall what it was until I looked it up and found out I haven’t had it to drink but a couple of times. It sounds like a good drink as the weather gets colder.

  4. I surfed and found this: “The name cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars, referring to the colour of their habits.”

  5. I only drink a little coffee with a lot of sugar and a lot of flavored creamer, once in a while, but I do like a good French vanilla cappuccino. And I guess I can say yes to the question, since everybody else has already done the research now?!? 🙂

  6. I also like a good French Cappuccino. This blog brings a new light to the wonderful cup of cappuccino. Thanks for the interesting information.

  7. Gary, thanks for the great coffee you make each and everyday. I love waking up to a good cup of coffee. The aroma with the taste makes a day go much smoother in every way. Our son, just introduced us to a new coffee, Peet’s. We are really enjoying our new find.

    Now we just need Santa to find us a cappuccino machine.

  8. Thank You, Lord, for creating the coffee bean and the lovely beverage it affords us. Hmmm speaking of “affording it”…well, that’s another story. But God did sure do a gentle favor when HE created coffee for our pleasure.

  9. Affording coffee. We are generously given 12 oz bags of Starbuck coffee quite often. If you take your empty bag to Starbuck’s you get a free cup of fresh brewed coffee. A gift that doubles…..

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