Obesity ‘engulfing the entire world’

The world is in the grip of an obesity pandemic that threatens to overwhelm every country’s health system, experts at an international conference warned on Sunday. “Obesity is an international scourge,” Professor Paul Zimmet, the chairman of the meeting of more than 2,500 experts and health officials, told delegates in a speech opening the InternationalContinue reading “Obesity ‘engulfing the entire world’”

Baptists are… well obese

“Weighty matter: Is religion making us fat?” The above is the title of a very interesting article I found. Here are some excerpts from it. Purdue socialogist, Ken Ferraro conclusion is the acceptable vice in Christian circles is eating. “So it’s not surprising that Ferraro’s latest study found that about 27 percent of Baptists, includingContinue reading “Baptists are… well obese”