You might want to remember

For life to be enjoyed it must be lived.

Welcome your interpersonal relationship difficulties as an opportunity to develop your communication skills.

Everything is attitude- can’t do or can do.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Isn’t life great?

Think; it may be a new experience.


13 thoughts on “You might want to remember”

  1. “Welcome your interpersonal relationship difficulties as an opportunity to develop your communication skills.”

    Gary, great thought! You and I should be excellent communicators with all the opportunities we have had with one another and @times with others.

    But, I guess the word ‘welcome’ is the key and the lock is the second thought, attitude…When I put welcome and attitude in the same sentence, it seems to equal your next thought. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Right on, life is great with this thinking. And, a way to enjoy life is to live it and when you live it you surely will have an abundance of opportunities to develop communication skills.

    I had to draw a circle of thought from your linear thought before I could have a new experience. I enjoyed your remembering to remind me to remember. Life is fun and enjoyable.

  2. Gary, this is a good reminder to us to cast off the gloom and doom of impending, problematic situations and LIVE LIVELY LIFE through them. Not cringe in fear of them; or shrink back in distaste from them; or hurry through them brusquely and not care a twig to learn a thing from going through them. I need this blog TODAY! It encourages me take a new look at
    some challenges that I face this very day and, well, take the bull by the horns…because that is the part of the bull that hurts mostly…(except, of course, the part of the bull that encases a good swift kick) Which might be what some of us need. But anyway, to learn and persevere in communicating clearly and candidly without embellishment or fear…to render to the other person his/her respect and not to be afraid to “LIVE THE LIFE” instead of letting the “life try to live me.”

  3. This is what the Bible says to think on: “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think on these things.”(Phil 4:8)
    You are right Gary this ‘thinking’ might be a new experience, particularly if our attitude has been a ‘can’t do’ rather than a ‘can do’.

  4. I like that quote….think, it may be a new experience…..a lot of us are thinking that we are thinking…but if we were to really stop and think we would find out we aren’t, and that’s bad because it means just any old thought was cruising through ones mind…..indeed one needs to think…think on things that are beneficial heavenly and worth while in God’s eyes……yes, I agree with Sara and You ….life is great when we live it His way and think His thoughts or rather the thoughts, He tells us we should be thinking…….and this blog sure gets one to think…think about what?…the can and can’t do attitude and the thoughts that go with them …

  5. “Welcome your interpersonal relationship difficulties as an opportunity to develop your communication skills.”

    Gary, it would be great to have an example of how this has worked in your life? For example, when one speaks with angry, fear, hiding, etc. how does that help develop communication skills?

    When one speaks from love, compassion, wanting to help, etc. how does that differ from the above. I guess this quote is saying if you have your act together before you start than you have the opportunity to work on your skills. This seems like a very complex saying. Like to hear more on it.

  6. “Think it may a new experience”.
    When I try to think what to write on The Daily Lily, I am often a blank. It’s not that the blogs aren’t wonderful, thought provoking and inspirational…they are. It’s just that I often struggle with my ‘thinking’ in how to respond to them. I want to make sure my response makes sense to someone reading it and helps add to the communication flow. That usually takes me struggle and a lot of time to compose. Maybe it’s because I am trying to think in an old box or a certain structure or style. Maybe if I can think in a new way than thinking would be a new experience. Does anyone else have this same struggle? Any suggestions? Spring is coming and I would sure like some fresh ideas and new experiences. I don’t want to be stuck in the mud with same old, same old.

  7. The “communication theory says: communication is also understood as the exchanging of understanding.”

    Yes, Debi, I struggle with commenting too. After I blog comments, I always wonder if the reader and I are “exchanging understanding.” But as Gary puts it…….If we have the right attitude…”can do”, then we can
    post our comments and we don’t have to be “stuck in the mud.”

  8. Exodus 4:10-17 “10 But Moses said to the Lord, “PLEASE, LORD, I HAVE NEVER BEEN A SKILLED SPEAKER. Even now, after talking to you, I cannot speak well. I speak slowly and can’t find the best words.” 11 Then the Lord said to him, “Who made a person’s mouth? And who makes someone deaf or not able to speak? Or who gives a person sight or blindness? It is I, the Lord. 12 Now go! I will help you speak, and I will teach you what to say.” 13 But Moses said, “Please, Lord, send someone else.” 14 The Lord became angry with Moses and said, “Your brother Aaron, from the family of Levi, is a skilled speaker. He is already coming to meet you, and he will be happy when he sees you. 15 You will speak to Aaron and tell him what to say. I will help both of you to speak and teach you what to do. 16 Aaron will speak to the people for you. you will tell him what God says, and he will speak for you. 17 Take your walking stick with you, and use it to do the miracles.”
    Everything is attitude Can’t do and can do. Moses was not a good speaker. He told the Lord that he couldn’t do it. He asked God to send someone else. God said you CAN DO it, Moses. God said I will teach you how to speak. God also took away Moses’ fear by providing a skilled speaker to help Moses. God provided a way for Moses and Aaron to be better communicators. He told Moses to take his walking stick and use it, for the miracles. God took a man who could not communicate with others and provided him with a speaker, the words to speak and miracles from a walking stick. This man who asked God to send someone else, led God’s people out of bondage. Moses’ attitude changed from I CAN’T (please send someone else) to I CAN (if you teach me LORD). EVERYTHING IS ATTITUDE!!!!

  9. Yes Debi I suffer from the same blank page that you do. It takes lots of research at times. The blogs become a bible study in the working. I learn so much. I too wonder if those out there will be touched by words said. It does seem to me lately that God is putting me through every situation on a daily bases before the blogs come forth. This week for example I was faced with a difficult communication situation. When it was brought to my attention that I was having a communication problem, I could hardly believe that any student wouldn’t know where they stood with me due to my conversation. When I discussed it with my students they said that in this area of the country everything was handled with straight up statements and that they got confused with the “Please sit down” instead of just “Sit”, or “Please do your morning work,” instead of “Start working”. They said in their mind my way of saying things left a question in their mind whether they should do it. If I hesitated in giving direct instructions it also left a question whether they should do it. They said they would become my personal coach on what was ‘straight up’ or not. Oh my, I thought, I had no idea. God certainly is speaking to me about communication on an ongoing basis.

  10. Thanks Needles and chickenfarmer for the ‘attitude check’. Maybe I’ve had a can’t do attitude and couldn’t see that as the blockage. Chickenfarmer if God was angry at Mose’s attitude than He’s probably not too happy with my ‘can’t do’. Time for an attitude change.
    I’m thinking now…if I want my truck to go in a certain direction I don’t try to push the body, I turn the steering wheel just slightly and 1500 pounds of truck follows. Right out of the mud Needles? So adjust the attitude…trust God…results will follow. Am I getting it chickenfarmer?
    “Welcome your interpersonal relationship difficulties as an opportunity to develop your communication skills.” Those words welcome and opportunity sound like a can-do attitude. If we aren’t regarding these difficulties as opportunities for growth we must have the wrong attitude. This is a lot to think about..guess I am having a new experience!

  11. I must say this dialogue with all is very interesting. Do I think “straight up”, not sure.

    I was taken by surprise with Rena’s thought…that all, or her students understand her communication. I have known Rena for many many years. She is like family to me and I still struggle with her communication. She is nice and sweet and wants to please from her heart, I do believe. But I struggle to understand her words. Why, probably, because my heart doesn’t necessarily want to please.

    I heard Dr. Robin Smith, psychologist, talk this week about how we are all part of a culture. Each of us having a community, family, etc. culture. I got from her bottom line, communication in various forms is the main stay here. She used thoughts like maybe one family likes to talk about their problems and another says nothing. (my understanding of her words). Therefore, this left me with a very healthy feeling of how important it is to have this kind of dialogue. We as Christians need and want to come to an understanding with one another. The Word of God says “how can two walk together unless they agree?” Also, if and when two or three agree in prayer they get answers. The agreeing is the problem that I see, since communication may keep us from agreeing when we think we are agreeing, according to what I read here.

    Needles posted…The “communication theory says: communication is also understood as the exchanging of understanding.” OK, bingo, I get that!!!!!

  12. Dorothy said in her comment something to the effect that, ‘we think we are thinking but we are just thinking that we are thinking….in other words…we really are NOT Thinking’. And I can understand, vaguely, that sometimes I THINK I am being very clear…(like the Amp Bible that says it several ways), to illustrate what I am saying . But you know what? I do not have any indication that the person(s) with whom I am trying to communicate gets what I am saying. I was told today that Sara doesn’t understand my communication.
    I have discovered as I think about this blog that most times I do not communicate satisfactorily with my superior. It is beginning to dawn on me through this discourse here on thedailylily that I do not “GET” her communication BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE A DIFFERING VIEWPOINT ON THE CONTINUING SUBJECT OF OUR ONGOING DISCOURSE. It would be a good supposition that this, my operating method, happens in various communications that I have with others. Not all, I know, but many more than I would care to believe.
    This is most revealing and I need to RETREAT to uncover what the hidden agenda of my heart is, in that I have difficulty in certain areas in making myself clear and experiencing productive communication. To be contd….

  13. It is difficult for most, or all, of us to understand communication without questions and a flow of words going across the ‘waves of grace’ to find and come to an understanding with one another.

    I assume MG from your words above that you are talking about your school (career) work, when you say superior? Or, do you mean superior(s)?

    You are very clear in knowing you have your own view and don’t want to change. Sounds like a real dilemma for most of us. Haven’t we come full circle to our perceive and perception blog?

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