Lord here I am! Can’t you see me! Look I’m here, can’t you see me? I’m looking at you! Help Lord, I need your help, and NOW!!!!!!!! This is what I heard a student proclaim.

He had apparently read a book but forgot what it said in regard to the question he was faced with this day! Like some of our articles on the dailylily, he had a blank slat. He read well, thought well, and usually had all the answers. Everyone looked to him to have the right answer, but today he was stumped.

He begged for the answer, but no help. I told him to seek advice from another student, but he said the instructions said the answer had to come from your thoughts and that no ones thoughts were like his thoughts.

We soon went to lunch and as I picked the students up I asked him if God had spoken yet. He said well Mrs. O I asked and asked him to rewind me, but all He does is fast forward me and then He tells me to work, work, work.

How many of us find ourselves in the place of this young man more times than we wish. Did we fail to receive God’s instruction and then when put on the spot – blank slate or do we fill in an answer that is incorrect in hopes that the teacher doesn’t find out? Do we wish we could rewind and go back and learn again? Somehow rewind is out of the question, yesterday is gone and we must face today – our fast forward? How will we retrieve the instructions of yesterday? As God said to the boy, “Work, work, work!” We must dig and dig even though we don’t want to due to time, but in working and getting, we get the answer to help us with our tomorrow’s grade before the King. In not digging and giving the wrong answer, then what?