Our Father

“Our Father” the opening proclamation of the Lord’s Prayer or the Disciple’s Prayer depending on your point of view. The question that has been going through my mind when meditating on these two words, “is who put the ‘our” in Our Father?”
Did Jesus put the “our” there? Is he claiming us as a fellow child of God? I’m sure many of us will be quick to say that Jesus did put the “our in “Our Father” and he is claiming us as fellow children of God. I’m just as sure that this answer will thrill many of us.

I’m not against us being happy or thrilled that we are included in the “our” and Jesus including us in his family as fellow brothers and sister. But when we think about our “Big brother” Jesus, (I mean that with respect) we are included in a family with a big brother that has left us with a mighty big legacy to follow. And being included in this family is really something. Jesus told some of his Israeli brothers they were of their father, Satan. Clearly according to this we can be the created children of God, but living children of Satan. When Jesus says we can pray, “Our Father” he must have in mind that we are moving from living as Satan’s children to living as God’s children. There must be some great event that happens to all who become God’s children and can address him as Father. I know we call this being born again or born from above, but the great event that really happens is when we begin to live as children of God.
I don’t think God is real pleased when we call him father and live as we please. I think that is taking God’s name in vain. When we call ourselves children of God and live like children of Satan, we have taken God’s name in vain.
I guess my question to myself is, when I pray, “Our Father” am I living in a way that would make my “big brother” glad I’m in his family? When I let these two words really impact me they make me tremble.


10 thoughts on “Our Father”

  1. We gave been translated from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light and therefore, as adopted, ingrafted children of GOD we can call Him OUR FATHER. However, the “trembling” part comes in when I read in the Scriptures where Jesus said, “Not everyone who calls me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of God…but only those who do the will of OUR FATHER. So if we claim HIM as OUR FATHER, but are disobedient to HIM and the Heavenly call, then as Gary points out above, “AM I REALLY ‘all in the Family’?

  2. I guess the key answer for me would be to look around me daily and see how many family members I have and how I treat them.

    How do I treat those of my little family in contrast to those of God’s family?

    I see from judging my heart I should be praying My Father and not Our Father?

  3. Gary’s perspective on ‘Our Father’ sheds the light on the accountability we face when we pray or speak using this name in reference to The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Matt. 12:50 is clear on the conditions of being called a brother or sister of the Jesus: “Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Therefore it would seem we have to account (a statement explaining one’s conduct or exposition of reasons, causes, or motives) for our actions if we want to have the priviledge of using ‘Our’. I like the way Sara illustrated the ‘Our vs. My” above. Also, our conduct can cut us off from being ‘all in the family”,as MG pointed out, for Matt. 10:32-33 warns us: “Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also acknowledge him before My Father in heaven. But whoever disowns Me before men, I will disown him before My Father in heaven.”

  4. I read in Matt.6 where the Lord started talking to His disciples about praying and doing alms…he warned them a whole lot of times about how not to do or be…and one thing I noted was that he said dont be like the hypocrites ….
    HYPOCRITE; one who practices hypocrisy
    HYPOCRISY: The pretense of having feelings or characteristics one does not possess; esp., the deceitful assumption of virtue. (Funk and Wagnal Standard desk Dictionary)
    …….yes…me too I tremble…because…HE knows the heart..even when we do and look like we are his…its the heart that tells all…..you know they said Lord didnt we cast out demons and such and such in your name..(like the rest of the members of your family )(my thinking)…and Jesus said I never knew you…..(its enough to make one cry and tremble because even when you think you are living in a way that would make Jesus glad…you may not be….talk about getting one of Garys Bible reading Guides…to read through in a year the whole Bible…I think one needs to do it 3 times…so as to really get the Word in our beings to have the characteristics needed to say OUR FATHER…just outwardly isnt enough…its got to be deep within…..dj

  5. Our Father means to me we are all in the same family. It means that we are walking the Faith Walk daily with the help of THE WORD, The Holy Spirit, The Daily Lily, Prayer, and Helping Hands for Jesus. It means our hearts are seeking the Lord and that when He goes throughout the land looking for those who walk in his ways He will find us diligent. He will find a core group/s who although they tremble, and although they fail, they desire with all their heart to know Jesus. There is no other way more glorious than to seek God for His ways are perfect. This core group keeps on working to become more and more like Jesus in character. We faithfully and joyfully walk with the Lord knowing that there is no other way, just trust and obey as an old hymnal proclaims. When we slip and fall, we get up with the help of Jesus and our fellow Christian friends and start all over again for there is no other way that is more desirable. We keep on doing this until we see Jesus or until Jesus comes at which time we will see Our Father. A true gathering and celebration of all Our Father has done since the beginning of time.

  6. THE FATHER has presented Himself, made Himself available to all of those who desire to be a part of the family of God. He is THE FATHER. HE is the EVERLASTING FATHER. HE is OUR FATHER. He desires more than anything that we be HIS children. But His accessibility is contingent upon OUR disposition. He has eternally met all the contingencies for being the ALMIGHTY ETERNAL FATHER. Now our part of the covenant must be met. We must enter the Kingdom through the shed blood of the LAMB, the Son of GOD, JESUS CHRIST. There is no other way to the Father. Jesus said, “No man comes to the Father but by ME” So the first step in fulfilling the desire to be one with the Father is to enter by receiving Jesus as our Lord and Savior, trusting, relying and obeying HIM and believing in the sacrifice of the Cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    The rest is as Gary described, and that Debi and Rena mentioned. It is to do the will of God. Those of us who “put it off till later” may be in for a great surprise; a very sad, great surprise.

  7. Gary,
    This blog sure causes one to “tremble”. I was blessed to have been in the Lord’s house this past Sunday, and heard a great message. The sermon was about Christians associating themselves, with the lost. The preacher/minister was expressing the need for Christians, to be willing, to associate with lost people. (as well as fellow Christians) Reading your question: “when I pray,’Our Father’ am I living in a way that would make my ‘Big Brother’ glad I’m in his family?” Jesus came so that ALL people could have eternal life. I believe God wants us to help others know Him, and give them the opportunity to call Him Father. Help us Lord to keep posting on this website, keep praying, keep reading Your Word, keep focusing on You, so we can pray,(“Our Father”, not “My Father”) just as You instructed us to, in Matthew 6: 7-13.

    I’d like to add the footnotes to the verse in Matthew 6:9. “The phrase ‘Our Father in heaven’ indicates that God is not only majestic and holy but also personal and loving. The first line of this model prayer is a statement of praise and commitment to hallow, or honor, God’s holy name. We can honor God’s name by being careful to use it respectfully. If we use God’s name lightly, we aren’t remembering God’s holiness.”

  8. Dear Needles, help, give a shot!

    I am more than willing to associate with the lost. But, how do I properly associate with them so it does not come down to my hanging out for my very own pleasure?

    I have dealt with this all my life. I love all people, all cultures, all races. I really just love and enjoy all people. Young, old, middle age, you name people and I love them. But, so many times I wonder if I am Biblically associating myself with them. I guess I should say, very few of them ever join my family and we pray Our Father, together.

    Is there a proper way?

  9. Sara,
    I don’t have a “shot” that possesses the “antidote” for “wrongful” self pleasure. (I enjoy having fun with all people, too. I struggle with “Biblically associating myself” at times, also) The preacher/minister gave a suggestion that it is helpful; perhaps, to have even more Christian people around, when you are with unsaved individuals. Could this be a possible thought on…”Biblically associating” ourselves with others?

  10. Needles we need this shot badly. Just think we could have lines just like the flu shot. Another idea, my mother used to put up sticky paper to catch flies. What if we put up sticky paper covered and dripping with the Holy Spirit and when we are around all the wonderful people they are saturated with Jesus and can’t get loose until Jesus becomes their Savior. Then we would have friends forever and forever.

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