“Our Father” the opening proclamation of the Lord’s Prayer or the Disciple’s Prayer depending on your point of view. The question that has been going through my mind when meditating on these two words, “is who put the ‘our” in Our Father?”
Did Jesus put the “our” there? Is he claiming us as a fellow child of God? I’m sure many of us will be quick to say that Jesus did put the “our in “Our Father” and he is claiming us as fellow children of God. I’m just as sure that this answer will thrill many of us.

I’m not against us being happy or thrilled that we are included in the “our” and Jesus including us in his family as fellow brothers and sister. But when we think about our “Big brother” Jesus, (I mean that with respect) we are included in a family with a big brother that has left us with a mighty big legacy to follow. And being included in this family is really something. Jesus told some of his Israeli brothers they were of their father, Satan. Clearly according to this we can be the created children of God, but living children of Satan. When Jesus says we can pray, “Our Father” he must have in mind that we are moving from living as Satan’s children to living as God’s children. There must be some great event that happens to all who become God’s children and can address him as Father. I know we call this being born again or born from above, but the great event that really happens is when we begin to live as children of God.
I don’t think God is real pleased when we call him father and live as we please. I think that is taking God’s name in vain. When we call ourselves children of God and live like children of Satan, we have taken God’s name in vain.
I guess my question to myself is, when I pray, “Our Father” am I living in a way that would make my “big brother” glad I’m in his family? When I let these two words really impact me they make me tremble.