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“Maybe the only thing worse than having to give gratitude constantly is having to accept it. William Faulkner


5 thoughts on “Quote for Our Day”

  1. It seems to me that “gratitude” is as much for the one doing the THANKING as for the one being THANKED. When we are grateful and have an attitude of thankfulness, it strengthens our own character. Yes, of course, it is touching to the one being thanked but the graciousness of being a thankful person builds up our spirits and increases our moral aptitude.

    Jesus pointed this out in the Gospels when HE mercifully healed the ten lepers. Jesus noted that ONLY ONE returned to thank HIM and give HIM homage for the miracle. This lesson, including the many Psalms and Proverbs that exhort us to be thankful and grateful, paying due respect where respect is due AND building up our moral character, are taught in the WORD of GOD.

    Having to accept gratitude involves the motivations of the heart, also. If our intentions are pure and our actions, holy and gracious, receiving gratitude can be a selfless act. For when they see our good works…..they will GLORIFY THE FATHER IN HEAVEN.

  2. One thought on the above quote related to gratitude. We are reminded constantly throughout the Psalms to be grateful (appreciative of benefits received) to the Lord and to give thanks to Him. I Thess 5:18 tells us that it is God’s will that in everything we are to give thanks.
    John 7:36-47 gives an account of a woman in the city who was a sinner who loved Jesus much and was very grateful because she was forgiven much. She expressed her gratitude by washing his feet with her tears, wiping them with her hair and annointing them with fragrant oil. Jesus accepted her gratitude by permitting her to do this in the Pharisee’s house and by commending her for it. That may not have been easy for Him and it shows His humility and graciousness and example.

  3. Great thoughts MG and Debi. I have been thinking about this some.

    It came to my mind a practical example. Do you think that as children we are showered with and shown so much kindness by our parents, and others and we receive it so easily, and as we should. Then when we become older and began to shower it back upon an elderly parent or other that needs it they have a hard time accepting it just as easily as we all do as children. It does seem to me that is it easier to show and give kindness than to think we now have to humble ourselves and accept it. Like those in hospitals, nursing homes, financial needs, like lost of jobs, etc. and other related situations.

    gratitude (noun) the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

    Trying to think out loud….

  4. this quote has me thinking too …..but quess what I thought of?….Sara what you said you would tell your sons..think good…be good..do good….if we really get that into our being when we are young as proverbs(and as what Sara wrote about children being showered with it) says…then when we are old we will not/should not depart from it….it seems it may have to do with ones heart…and the thoughts we are thinking when it gets hard to accept gratitude…(kindness..appreciation)…like I said Im thinking of think good be good do good….dj

  5. These are all good remarks on a very thought-provoking quotation. I also thought about it in this fashion. When we are thanked and lauded and praised it puts a certain responsibility upon us and makes us accountable for the things we do and what or how we give, and our attitudes and motivation. For example; when we are commended on a certain performance, deed or work and we know that we really didn’t give it our best shot, it provokes us to take stock and re-examine our motives; perhaps make us contrite over the true intentions and/motives of our hearts, embarrassed or ashamed of our core motives.
    So, in several ways, receiving thanks and/or praise, kindness or assistance may be a humbling experience for some, as Sara pointed out. Or SELFLESSLY receiving the praise and laudation from others (humility) or contrition on our parts for less than worthy motives with the intention of drawing attention to ourselves.

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