Rena’s New Home

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I am a novice writer and painter who loves to be creative. I love singing but can't sing without a hymnal, except for children's songs. I love to make up my own songs and love the old hymns. I love to garden and got that love from my Mom and Dad who taught be everything I know from planting to harvesting to canning. I'm happy gardening, walking with my pug, JD Sir Winston Churchill, painting, and crafting. I love to spend Saturday's sitting in my rocker going through a bible study. I love working with elementary school aged children and seeing them use their creative gifts. I have taught Sunday school for a number of years and taught in the public schools for 18 years. I might say I'm retired but I spend most of my time subbing and enjoy it immensely. The kids spark my own creativeness.

18 thoughts on “Rena’s New Home

  1. WOW Rena, what a lovely home! What a display of your love for Jesus. I love your prayer room. Will be looking forward to seeing other rooms soon. Sorry to hear about Teddy. Was the portrait of Teddy done by Dorothy J? What a wonderful keepsake. I love all the colors and especially the pink!

    Welcome back to Virginia. May you and your husband be blessed beyond measure in your new home and new job.

  2. Rena your home is beautiful! The beauty of the Lord also shines through in the craftsmanship of your hands that we see on this virtual tour. May you be blessed and be a blessing to many others in your new home.

  3. Rena this is a beautiful room…filled with so much creativity and love….the colors are heavenly…..:)dj

  4. Wow, Rena, I knew you had creativity, (a must to be a teacher), but I didn’t know JUST HOW CREATIVE you were! What a LOVELY room, thanks for sharing with

  5. Rena,
    Erick and I are so excited about seeing your new home! I’m glad we got a sneak peak through this website. I can’t wait to come visit. I actually got on the Daily Lily to see if I could find your e-mail address to send you some pictures we took. I have a few pictures of Teddy–they were the first pictures we took on our digital camera! I couldn’t believe it when we finally downloaded them to our computer! I really like the updated Daily Lily site. I’m going to have to look at it and maybe post some comments a little more often. Hopefully, things will be going a little smoother now that classes are over. Have fun as you finish decorating your new home!

  6. Hi Heather, can’t wait for you and Erick to come and see all the beauty at Rena and Chris’ new home. Every room is a show stopper and every window beholds beauty from the yard, golf course and the trees of the hills in view.

    Rena should have her new email this week as installation is scheduled for today.

    Love to see you on The Daily Lily more,

  7. Hi Heather and Erick,

    I can’t wait to show you around my new home. You would also really love Chris and Tammy who shot this YouTube video. Tammy took it, and Chris saw to being posted here. Isn’t it great!!! I love all this wonderful technology and this beautiful site with all the wonderful Daily Lilies who light up my life.

  8. Mrs. O,

    This is Toto and Mia. We are having a great time during the summer i love your house it is beautiful and i love the dolls and Katie doesnt have evil eyes they were beautiful. I have a favorite stuffed animal too. It’s name is Piggy. Buzzy is doing great and is big and wonderful. Well got to go play with Mia talk to you later!

  9. Toto and Mia I’m thrilled to hear from you. I’m glad you are having a great summer. I’m sure the two of you have wonderful plans and hope that singing and playing with Buzzy are part of God’s plan for rest and relaxation for you. We would love to have a picture of Buzzy all grown up. I’m glad you like my office, and I don’t think Katie has evil eyes either. Hope to hear from you soon. Mrs. O

  10. What a gathering of lilies!!!! Rena, you’ve come home and brought your ‘bouquet of lilies” with you. Welcome to all those who love and care about you & Chris. Welcome back to Heather and Toto and Erick and all those who love the FESTIVE LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST.
    Many Blessings on your new home and your friends, also.
    Rena!! Your life is truly “LIT”

  11. Hi Sis,
    Your house is looking beautiful and very crafty. I’m hoping that my house warming gift of a little giraffe will be comfortable in the guest bath. Hope to see more on your house on the YouTube and in person. Thanks Tammy and Chris for doing the video so I could see what my sister is doing in her home. I can see she is not bored. Thank you.

  12. Rena!I love your home. Wish I could have seen more. It looks large. Maybe I can come visit for a year! Mandeville isn’t the same without you. Virginia stole one of our good people from Louisiana and not from the storm either. I know you are very happy and that makes me happy! Have fun this summer. carla

  13. Hi carla, some of us have heard about you and your love for the Lord from your friend, Rena. Sure would like to see you interacting with our open discussions here at The Daily Lily.

  14. Hello Carla!

    NICE TO MEET YOU ON THE DAILY LILY! Rena has spoken of your friendship. I agree with Sara in excitedly anticipating your joining us on for great discussions about the Scriptures and love and life in the Word, in general.
    Welcome to a good friend of Rena’s & Jesus’.

  15. Thank you so much for your nice comments. I too have heard such wonderful things about Rena’s friends in Virginia. I look forward to meeting you and commenting in the dailylily. carla

  16. Carla,

    It so nice to hear from you. I miss our long walks talking about what the Lord Jesus is doing in our lives. Come and visit. It will be nice to hear again what God is doing in your life. We hope to hear from you often on the Daily Lily. Love yeh! Rena

  17. Mrs. O,

    Your home is beautiful! I really love your collection of the lord. Are you working for a new school? What was your reason of moving from Mandeville? My Dad is getting transfered to Httiesburg Mississippi Aug. 18th! We are thrilled! Did you ever get In The Wink published? I am so happy to hear that you are doing well.

    Love, Alec Richmond

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