Change your mind change your life.
Get another perspective.
See things from another point of view.
See things from another’s point of view.
When you die all wisdom and understanding will not die with you.
Other people are right too.
The more you know the less you know.
When you are the only one that is right, you live in a little world.
Listen to people who know more than you.
Ask questions.
Your way is not the only way.
There is safety in an abundance of counselors.
Ask for help.
Value all the resources available to you.
When you retire you will be replaced.
The world will not end when you end.
There are views from both sides of the mountain.
To see things better go to higher ground.


15 thoughts on “Proverbs”

  1. Gary….after reading these proverbs this song came to my mind….but first thank you for these proverbs I intend to post one every day on our door to the custodian office…this is the song/hymn..”Higher Ground”
    Verse 3
    I want to live above the world, though Satans darts at me are hurled; For faith has caught the joyful sound, the song of saints on higher ground……
    Verse 4
    I want to scale the ut-most height and catch a gleam of glory bright; but still I’ll pray, ’til heaven I’ve found “Lord, lead me on to higher ground.”……dj

  2. Sounds like these proverbial sayings may just be out of sync with a prideful mind. I think these could become a confusing issue many times. Yet, with the study of God’s Word one would easily be able to comprehend the truth of these sayings.

  3. “see things from another’s point of view”…. Gary, I like this. I went back and reviewed the blog on “perception vs. perspective”, and Debi wrote something in her comment that supports this. Please let me reiterate what she said…. She wrote that when she was studying architecture she was told to “study the building and ‘present’ it from different angles or perspective.” She went on to say that the building may look small in the front, but may be huge in the back. Now, if we can get “another’s point of view” we might be able to learn, grow, mature, and move forward in life. Thanks for blogging these “Proverbs”.

  4. This blog of Proverbs reminds me of a lesson I have been listening to on responsibility and accountability and how to help develop these in children. Dr. Lehman said, “insanity is doing the exact same old thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.” I guess that goes for thinking the same old way over and over, also. He made another comment, also. He said that faulty thinking is the result of distorted perceptions and that inhibits problem solving, not just in children but in adults, too.
    This takes us back to Sara’s blog that Needles mentioned on Pperspective vs. Perception.

  5. Gary writes, “the more you know the less you know” We sang a song in our High School choir called Sophomoric Philosophy. It goes thusly:

    As High School students we LOVED that one!!!

  6. The other day I was walking through the hall and there was a man looking at all the international flags just standing their staring. He suddenly spoke, He said, “Do you know what I hate most losing, and he continued, it’s my mind.” It seems to fit right in here with all the other proverbs. Yes, like Sara says these shoot our pride all to pieces. Many of my insights or truths according to Mrs. O have been changed over the years by wonderful friends and teachers of the Word of God. I now begin to question every action thinking I need a new perspective on this matter. Like Debi’s architectural design having many different views and perspectives which Needles brought forth again here, I identify with this concept through the many shot game homes located in New Orleans. These homes are small looking on the entrance side just like our physical appearances but extend back for some distance like a shot gun house which represents our minds. Often if we would take a closer look at our shot gun house and really examine it, we would find that our mind often stands in need of repair. Perhaps there are walls that we have put up like in the shot gun homes which we have to go beyond to uncover why we think the way we do and why we verbalize the way we do. Are we as little children hiding behind chairs in our rooms. God’s vision knows our hurts and fears and why we act the way we do, speak the way we do, and react the way we do. Perhaps He is saying child, child come away with me and I will heal thee, I God know how your vision was distorted, let Me put you back in focus.
    As God puts us back together again, we may begin to see in a different way. Perhaps what was once thought as an offense may now be considered laughable. Perhaps a discussion will be just that and not an argumentative confrontation. Perhaps as we explore our personal shot gun homes we will clean one room after another, being changed by the Spirit of God. We may have some distances to travel between rooms, but God and all his sojourners are there to help us on our way. So get God’s focus, continually update your house, change it, change your mind and live the life God wants just for you. Know that we may be small in His sight, but He loves us, and continues to work for our good.

  7. Rena, I have a hard time promoting a workbook that God wrote through such a flawed vessel as myself. But, when I read your response on ‘shot gun houses’, I think why God has been right all along. Where have I been? Why did I stand looking at the one view all along? Why didn’t I at least move my view just to peek. And most likely when I take a peek, I will be sold on the new perspective. “Throwing your Light Forward” a workbook about relationships, friendships and fellowships can be lived as well as written.

    One area that I have overcome is the idea of manufactured homes, which are sometimes referred to as double-wides. Now before anyone gets upset with me and lectures me, I now have one and I LOVE it. There were many years of my life when a word like that would come up and my mind would go off like a shot gun, and my mouth would continue to use the shot gun approach and aim at the widest possible audience with no specific target in mind.

    Why, God heard it all. Gave me ONE and uses it with great precision and skill for one of His Offices. I have come to understand if a trough would server as a bed for His birth than a double wide will serve honorably as an office for Him. He even gave me a vocation so I could work within it’s walls. What a mind changing miracle I have had.

    I hope that I continue to understand and use proverbial wisdom on a daily basis and continue to enjoy life from many different views.

  8. These proverbs seem to be showing us to understand that God has given us many resources (as the proverb says above) to enable us to view things differently, get out of our boxes and expand our horizons. And this involves involving others. Self-dependency limits our resources and limits others. We may be bogged down at the bottom of a mountain that looks too difficult to climb. But with help from someone who has climbed it, and may help walk us up, we can get a clear perspective of how to navigate the road ahead. Wise, Godly counselors are resources if we will avail ourselves of them and heed the advice. God is our primary resource if we will ask Him. James 4:2 says we have not because we ask not. We need to ask questions because it can make things clearer and help us avoid pitfalls. Our minds are so finite and viewpoints are so narrow because they are shaped by our experiences. As Needles said …”if we can get “another’s point of view” we might be able to learn, grow, mature, and move forward in life.” Even in sports events there are several referees and/or linesmen in different spots on or near the playing field because no one alone has every angle or perspective on the plays. But together, and often with the help of cameras and replays , a decision can be reached.
    These proverbs do give a lot to think on as do the comments each one above wrote.

  9. “There is safety in an abundance of counselors”…We had this proverb also in “Do we need Emotional Crutches?”

    Wonder how one goes about finding and using counselors in the appropriate way. If we as believers are to be counselors to others and they counselors to us, are we all doing our jobs?

    Then I start thinking, what does one do if we get way too many points of views or so we think? Does it fall back on the one seeking the counsel. This one reaches way pass me at times. Or maybe it is like the shot gun houses Rena spoke of.

    I am like Dorothy I am trying to figure out one a day with the help of the daily lily counsellors.

  10. “Then I start thinking, what does one do if we get way too many points of views or so we think?”

    I’d like to add the footnotes from my Life Application Bible on the verse, Proverbs 11:14. Read with me please, “A good leader needs and uses WISE advisers. One person’s perspective and understanding is severely limited; he or she may not have all the facts or may be blinded by bias, emotions, or wrong impressions. To be a WISE leader at home, at church, or at work, seek the counsel of others and be open to their advice. Then, after considering ALL the facts, make your decision.”

    Are we blinded by our bias, emotions, or wrong impressions at times?

  11. Needles, I like your footnotes and your question. “Are we blinded by our bias, emotions,or wrong impressions at times?” I feel sure we are. Also, when we seek counsel from different people with different points of views maybe we are telling our situation from many different angles, it sure seems like we will have a castle before it’s all over.

  12. “Ask for help.” I have heard it said that men just hate to ask for directions when on the road. I have heard it said that people hate to ask for help when they need it the most.

    Children at times have a hard time asking or knowing how to ask for help from teachers or others.

    I am thinking maybe the reason so many of us have a difficult time asking for help is that we just frankly don’t know how to ask for help.

  13. Perhaps people don’t ask for help because it exposes a weakness or an area of ignorance. Pride won’t allow them to show that they don’t know something, or that they need assistance.

  14. “Ask Questions!” Now I am an expert on this one. So are my sons! I am thinking now this had to be a gift from God to us because we ask more questions that I knew there were questions.

    This is my favorite one. I love it. God loves it. I know He does, because He is always asking questions. Example in Luke 5:22 “When Jesus perceived their thoughts. He answered and said to them, “Why are you reasoning in your hearts? I am always being challenged by Jesus and His questions.

    When I am around people and they don’t have questions I feel the day has been wasted. When I heard someone say I don’t like them because they ask questions, whoa, I know then and there they do not want God to see their hearts.

    I better just stick with Jesus, he still ask questions, others ask Him questions and the teaching and learning process is still going on.

    My warning to myself, If I am going to ask questions they better be sincere or the foolish of my heart will be revealed.

    Ask Questions: It will drive away depression, it will forgive you of your sins. You know, Jesus, will you please forgive this sin? He sees the heart and He says yes, yes, yes! See, I love questions. If you want to ask about Jesus, come see me. 🙂 Oh, He is wonderful, don’t you think?

  15. That was a good question….”Oh, He is wonderful, don’t you think?” Yes! He is good all the time. Jesus is the Master of questions, but He did not have to ask because He needed help. He asked questions to draw out the intentions of the hearts of people for the good or for conviction,(which is also good) and for the revealing of one’s heart to oneself. He asked Peter, “Who do men say that I am?” Jesus knew Who He was and what men said of Him but He gave Peter the opportunity to share the revelation given him by the Father, with his team and associates. Jesus knew ! But He asked.
    When He asked the blind or the lepers, “What would you have Me to do?” Christ certainly knew the intent of their hearts but He allowed them to speak forth their hearts’ cry. And Jesus healed them. He gave them the opportunity to voice the request to God and Healing was the response.
    In Luke 18:23 the rich young ruler asked the question of Jesus that would have eternal effect on his life, well….forever! He asked HIM what he must do to inherit eternal life, after he had told Jesus that he had kept all the commandments reiterated by the Lord. When Jesus answered him, he had a decision to make. Would he sell all his extensive earthly goods, giving them to the poor and follow Jesus? The Scriptures say,” he walked away very sorrowful, for he was very rich.”
    Oh, God! Would our earthly goods mean anything at all in the judgment? Would you hold me accountable for how many outfits I have, or pairs of shoes, or tv sets?
    Lord, I believe I know the answer to those questions.
    Thank You for Your mercy.

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