I’m am intrigued by listening to people pray. The other day I watched a man stand up in the middle of a warehouse, not in a church and pray. Afterwards I began to think about this exercise of prayer.
When we prayer we take it for granted God will hear us. We normally barge into God’s “presence”. Hindus and Buddhist bring their gods little presents and maybe big presents for all I know. Muslims pray kneeling and prostrating themselves on a carpet five times a day. We don’t bow, some of us raise our hands and we don’t give God gifts. We don’t say hello how are you doing to God. We just start talking to him. I guess it is kind of silly to ask God what kind of day he had? But I think he would like us to be interested in things that interest him.

Just think about this, we are addressing a figure whom most prayers believe created the universe with just the sound of his voice. I wonder what our voices sound like to him. Are they squeaky selfish little voices even if we are bombastic in our tone? Are they whiney poor me little voices? Are they angry voices?
I wonder if God is glad to hear our voice. We flatter ourselves and think God wants to hear from us. But if the only time he hears our voice is when we are in trouble or want something I don’t know how glad God is to hear that.
I wonder if we can talk to God naturally. Some people have to use Old King James English, others have gotten so silly they wander up to God and call him “daddy” and “papa”. I know they grab onto “abba” from the Bible, but when you talk to the creator of the universe he should get some respect. Some people call God “she”, I guess I’m just chauvinistic I just can’t talk to God as “she”.