A Quote for Our Day

The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.
William Blake

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16 thoughts on “A Quote for Our Day”

  1. This speaks to me of committed interdependence. The bird is dependent upon its nest for survival, for without a nest there would be no place for eggs to hatch. Birds will go to great efforts and lengths to gather materials and build a nest. Spiders are interdependent upon their webs. No webs, no catching food to survive. They will tirelessly spin, again and again, even if the web is destroyed. Man is dependent upon true friends for support, counsel and correction. Prov 27:6 says “faithful are the wounds of a friend…” and vs 9 “Ointment and perfume delight the heart and the sweetness of a man’s friend does so by hearty counsel.” And how utterly dependent is man upon The truest Friend of all…Jesus. He laid down His very life for us. John 15: 13: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” And Jesus is that “friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Prov 18:24).

  2. Debi,
    Very good insight on the quality of Friendship. Your comments on the spider reminds me of the children’s classic (and not just for children) “CHARLOTTE’S WEB”. Charlotte was plucky, determined, diligent, focused and above all a completely loyal and sacrificial friend of the pig’s, just because he begged and besought her help. She had compassion and used her skill and talent to excellence in generating a creative way to save her friend, Wilbur, even to her expiration.
    As I was reading this story to the second graders, I couldn’t help but raise a parallel in my heart to what Jesus has done for us. But He arranged our salvation BEFORE we cried out to Him. Before the beginning of time, God and Christ had planned our redemption from death, hell and the grave. Charlotte certainly was a good friend. In the end she left many progeny before her demise. And Jesus also has led and is leading many sons to glory by HIS sacrificing His life for His friends, as Debi points out. But our HERO Jesus, rose from the grave to lead HIS SPIRITUAL PROGENY to Heaven and continues to do so until He will come again for us.
    Yes! Charlotte was a friend. AH! “BUT WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE in JESUS!”

  3. Proverbs :30:24 “Four things on earth are small,
    yet they are extremely wise:

    vs.25 Ants are creatures of little strength,
    yet they store up their food in the summer;

    Proverbs says ants are extremely wise and when we compare man’s friend to an ant and study God’s word on the ant we are reminded to look for and find friends that are extremely wise. This reminds me of the song we sing so often:
    All things bright and beautiful,
    all creatures great and small,
    all things wise and wonderful,
    the Lord God made them all.

    Each little flower that opens,
    each little bird that sings,
    he made their glowing colors,
    he made their tiny wings. Refrain

    The purple-headed mountain,
    the river running by,
    the sunset, and the morning
    that brightens up the sky. Refrain

    The cold wind in the winter,
    the pleasant summer sun,
    the ripe fruits in the garden,
    he made them every one. Refrain

    He gave us eyes to see them,
    and lips that we might tell
    how great is God Almighty,
    who has made all things well. Refrain

  4. “Birds will go to great efforts and lengths to gather materials and build a nest”

    Spiders “tirelessly spin” to create their webs

    Ants are “small but wise”

    Reading this makes one question… Will I go to great efforts, tirelessly work and be wise, to keep my friendships? (especially the friendship with the One “who sticks closer than a brother”?

  5. When my sons were small a very wise man told my sons that you should never throw away their friends like a piece of trash. What a terrible thing to devalue a person in such a way. Every time they would get mad at a friend they would remember what the Dad said. He told them it took lots of work if they wanted a friend. This has stuck with my sons and now they are men who value their friendships.

  6. I thought on each the bird the spider and the man, and each “item” the nest, the web, and the friendship….and the nest is being prepared for and put together for an event, a happening…the bird her eggs, the spider her dinner, mankind….for every event in life….even the darkest hour…and Needles thats when I too hope we have went through those great efforts and worked tirelessly and was wise to keep and have that relationship with the One who sticks closer than a brother…for the good times and in the bad Hes the one to have…….Jesus……never fails….dj

  7. Rena, I think you are speaking about my son’s father. I know this wise man for he has surely told me many things also. Wisdom! Yes, it is more precious than diamonds and rubies.

    How blessed are children that have a parent, pastor, teacher or others to teach them wisdom and understanding.

    Our precious Lily found a little baby Robin today in our backyard that could not fly. Lily is such a good Samaritan, I think now. She made such a disturbances until I went outside to look. I was so angry with Lily because I thought she had hurt the bird. Well, I yell for Gary and we figured out that the bird had a fine thread from the sod tightly wrapped around it’s neck. Gary tried to hold the little thing while I took precision scissors and tried to cut the thread from it’s neck. Oh, my, I just could not do it. (Where were you Needles, my friend when I needed you?) So, I called Rena to come running without delay and she did. She cut the tiny little thread. But, my bird could not fly. Gary and I feed it water and berries through a straw. Provided a shoe box for a bed and left berries and nuts for it during the long night.

    Then early this morning Gary went to check on the Robin and opened the garage door and the top to the shoe box and our little Robin flew free. All the berries and nuts were gone. Who is the good Samaritan (friend) in this story?

  8. Lily, Sara, Gary, and Rena…I think we had 3 good Samaritans….because one without the other the bird may have died….and what a fellowhip of believers..each coming together with a purpose..to set the captive free…:)dj

  9. They went into the Treasure House and brought out the appropriate items and skills to be utilized in the present circumstances….a wise puppy with an excellent sense of smell & hearing; a brave pastor with gloves and duty; a trembling “surgeon” with “forceps”, and her vigilant assistant. Thus each gift was used for the purpose at hand. The Body of Christ in action. The result…as DJ said, the captive was set free to operate in the gift that God had for him. To FLY and to Sing praise to the Lord his Liberator. Let the whole earth rejoice with our little baby robin.

  10. The bird nest, the spider web and man friendship. When I think of the birds nest, I think of how carefully each twig is placed together. The birds bring each individual twig to the nest and carefully places each piece in place to make a strong nest. Because of the birds hard work the nest is able to withstand any storm. The spider carefully works their way around the web. Placing each piece in the right place so the web will be strong enough to withstand storms. Man carefully works on friendships, saying the right words and being there for their friend, making the time spent together special. Putting each piece in the right place, so their friendship can withstand storms. Thank you Lord for the bird’s nest, the spider’s web and our wonderful friends.

  11. Chickenfarmer, Seemly, you know an awful lot about birds and that includes your chickens. I have tried to do a little bird watching with my binoculars and birds are so interesting to watch for hours. I have also watched and observed you like a bird, you have such love for friends and fellow citizens that you spin like the spider.

    Friendship makes up such an interesting Web that one stands an awe of words to express such a delicate art of work. But, you like the others have spun your spiritual web right into World Wide Web where the The Daily Lily works like a bird and a spider to help others become strong in Christ Jesus to withstand the storms of life.

    As we continue to spin and build and live in Hope that many little ones will come and find a fountain of Hope as they and we drink from the wellspring of life the Daily Lily provides daily.

  12. Sara, I have also watched birds. Not to long ago we had a beautiful little bird in our yard. My husband said it was a “kill deer”. This little bird was so loud it would surprise you. I saw this little bird stand it’s ground when our dog came to it. Our dog was just curious about where all that noise was coming from. The little bird would not move. I notice there was a small egg just behind the little bird. She was protecting her child. She was so brave standing toe to toe with our curious dog. What an amazing little bird. We need to use this bird as an example. We need to protect our children from the evils of the world. We need to stand up and be a shield for our children. We need to speak the word of God and shout out warnings just like the little kill deer. What an awesome little bird!!!!

  13. Sometimes we are good bird watchers and sometimes not.

    But, we have confidence that Our Loving caring Father that made all God’s creatures are watching over us very carefully. What a thought to start our day with.

    I have never heard of a “kill deer” bird? Are they native to certain areas?

  14. I just found some info on the Killdeer bird. I will post a picture of one at the top of page. Interesting, they come to earth with running shoes on!!!

    The most widespread and familiar of the American plovers, the Killdeer is a common bird in farmyards, fields, and parking lots. Although many species of birds pretend to have a broken wing to lure predators from their nest, the Killdeer is the one most commonly seen performing this distraction display.

    Baby killdeer always come out running. They hatch with their eyes open, and as soon as their downy feathers dry, they start scurrying about, following their parents and searching the ground for something to eat.

  15. Wow this little bird sure is full of wisdom and strenghth…it comes out of its shell ready….and its ready in season and out seems to me nothing will catch this one off guard very often….its born with its eyes open and on the move….I like this little bird….it even looks like it would blend in with its surroundings…guarding its nest with its life…what greater love could there be than to lay down ones life for another ….even birds love…dj

  16. Sara, Thank you for this research on this awesome little bird. They are amazing birds. I agree with Dorothy. What greater love than to lay down ones life for another.

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