“There is nothing so tragic or frightening as to be the same today as yesterday, having never learned or improved our life in one little way.”



8 thoughts on “QUOTE FOR THE DAY”

  1. How appropriate a quote from Gary. 2Timothy 3:7 says,
    “…forever learning and inquiring and getting information but NEVER ARRIVING AT AN UNDERSTANDING and KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH.” I suppose we deceive ourselves when we think we can possibly change without pain. We say we are delivered and rescued from the sin that so easily besets us, but a little controversy, a little test, a trial, a small abrasion or a little scratch just beneath the surface and there it is. THE OLD MAN….ugly, grinning wickedly and saying,”GOTCHA!”
    Sara taught this morning that to bring a change brings a pain. Lots of pain. There is no magic wand to soul improvement. Holy Spirit helps, exhorts, instructs but we have GOT to do the work. Sara says, it SMARTS when we are in the midst of making changes in our lives. If we want to improve our spiritual lives, we sometimes have to make physical changes, like getting up and DOING SOMETHING! The Good Samaritan DID SOMETHING. Peter & John DID SOMETHING for the blind man. Mary anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped them with her hair. They DID SOMETHING and it changed lives. It must be the RIGHT SOMETHING AND if we listen to Holy Spirit HE will tell us what’s the RIGHT SOMETHING to do. YOU WILL FIND IT IN THE WORD.

  2. Last week I had the opportunity of attending the second annual Daily Lily retreat ‘Throwing Your Light Forward’ taught by Sara. Gary’s quote reminds me of one of the lessons I learned regarding change. Sara used a dark, black chunk of coal and told how this soft coal found deep in the earth will be changed or transformed into a hard, valuable diamond if forced upward to the earth’s surface through a great amount of pressure.
    This made me think that pressure, although not exactly in my comfort zone, is necessary for change or improvement. Relating this to human improvement or learning, it is tragic to think that I will remain a dull, relatively invaluable human being if I resist or avoid the pressure of the counsel of God’s word and don’t obey it and change. Proverbs 1:5 says a “ wise man will hear and increase learning and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel…”. 2 Cor 3:18 expects us to transform from a dark piece of earthly coal to a bright shining diamond just like the Lord Jesus…”But we all with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” This ‘improvement’, as Gary speaks of, requires a commitment to yield to the pressure and change what we see needs correcting in the mirror of self (see Study with Sara-Mirror Mirror on The Wall-Who’s the fairest of us all!).

  3. This quote from Gary makes me think of a country song I heard “Let’s think about Living.” It tells a story of a young man singing to a young lady letting her know that after all they have been through together if she wants to say good-bye, please just ask him to forget her and don’t ever see each other again. He makes his point ‘but don’t ask me to be friends. Let’s think about living”

    Many times my growth change as been stunted because I wanted to remain friends with the old and the pain and not think about living with the new growth, so I remain the same as friends with the unchanged.

    I live with a disease that stunts growth and that surely is a tragic and extremely frightening to me. Let’s think about living!

  4. Having attended the Same Daily Lily retreat “Throwing your Light Forward” as Debi …I too thought of the pressure on the coal in order to produce the change into a diamond…but I also thought of what was taught yesturday in church service …change is painful…but nescessary…The Lord said work smart…And Sara explained smart ….”you know it smarts…like pain. it is pain”…so if I?we dont want to be the same tomorrow….Id better work while it is still day and change even if it hurts because…a chunk of coal if it is to be a diamond must go through pressure and no pain truly means no gain…….and Gary I /we have to change even if it is an a little way….because it is tragic if we/I dont…Id be stuck for all eternity like that….dj

  5. There is only one person who is the same yesterday, today, and forever…….His name is Jesus. None of us fit, into this category. We must strive to be like Him, and that takes changing, by learning and listening to the Holy Spirit and His Word.

  6. and, Needles, just such a hopeful thought to think that we can change daily and look, feel and show greatness. This takes the mind off of ‘old, fat and ugly’, or whatever negative that shows up on our mind screen.

    We can turn our inner world of thought upside down with Hope from the unchangeable ONE!

  7. With the Holy Spirit as our advocate and teachers who share revelation knowledge of the scriptures like Sara who recently led us in a study of Throwing Your Light Forward at our Daily Lily retreat, we are given truth. God in us quickens the message to our hearts and it is our willingness of heart and desiring to seek after God that we walk in the new knowledge that we learned. Walking in that truth, we will surely grow in our walk with the Lord. Surely people will see a change in us and we will be changed by the Word. Surely our light will be thrown forward in the world we live in touching others for Jesus.

  8. Change equals growth. A seed will never be a flower without change. If a seed never improved it’s way of life, it would always be a seed and it would have never served it’s purpose, to become a flower. Just like the seed we need change so we can grow and become what God intends for us to be. A seed can’t grow without water, rich soul and the sun. We can’t grow without the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy Word and God’s Son. Change is beautiful. A cool, dreary winter changes to a beautiful, colorful spring. If we allow Jesus to change us and the Holy Spirit to advocate for us, our soul will be beautiful, full of light and peace. Change equals Growth. Thank you Jesus for the change in me.

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