9 thoughts on “Best Friend funnies

  1. That’s good, Debi…God has been doing “total Makeovers since the Garden of Eden. ..Nebudchadneszzar, David, Peter, James (Jesus’ brother), Paul just to name a few. And,of course…md! But He’s still working on me! Thank GOd that He won’t give up on us! that’s what I am looking for…Total transformation…so that the Love of God and God’s love can be seen in me…(to quote Gwen Shw).

  2. God sees beyond what we are to what we can become in Him through the tranforming power of Christ and He has a new name waiting for us to walk into (Rev 2:17) as we overcome. That is an exciting prospect.

  3. Speaking of “friends”……”See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live their lives together in harmony in the House of the lord. ! (A song by David for going up to worship.)
    I saw this past weekend the unity of the Spirit in the bond of fellowship as brothers and sister in Christ joined together to accomplish great feats to expand the Kingdom of God. Community is usually very fulfilling and full of joy but even more-so when it is a community of fellow Christians, who love the Lord Jesus Christ and move together in unity with one goal and one purpose, to create a welcoming place for souls for the Kingdom of God.

  4. After the Lord changed Saul of Tarsus and gave him his new name, Paul, his goals changed as did his perspective on fellowship as he bowed low (his name according to my Bible index means ‘little’) to focus on God’s goals of kingdom building.

  5. Love this…. Jesus changed Saul’s name and his daily goals to something totally different. He turned a hard heart full of hate to heart of Christ full of love. Jesus is still changing names today. He is still turning hard hearts full of hate into hearts of Christ full of love. Thanks for sharing this Gary.

  6. When we give our heart to Christ, He becomes our new BEST FRIEND for eternity. He will never leave nor forsake us. He says that no greater love has any one than to lay down one’s life for a friend. And that’s what Jesus Christ did on the cross at Calvary. Those who accept this gift of “life” have just made a Friend forever.

    When we’re God’s friend, like Abraham was, He keeps us, protects us, watches over us with great love. He heals us, delivers us from the enemy of our soul, and leads and guides us by His Holy Spirit. What a Friend we have in Jesus!

  7. Seems Paul lived up to his new letterhead and was able to be a best friend to others because he was a loyal friend to Jesus by the way he lived and taught others… a friend who confronted, challenged, corrected and encouraged as needed so others could grow in Christ.

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