Frankfurt and Amsterdam 2008

Chris and Tammy have just returned from the tulip fields of Holland. For the ones of us that are just seeing the beginnings of spring and planning of our gardens, or the ones of us, like myself, that only dreams about gardens we might enjoy Chris and Tammy’s photos. Looking at the beauty of the fields in Holland makes one wonder could heaven be any more beautiful. Yet, I believe it must be.
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Frankfurt and Amsterdam 2008

8 thoughts on “Frankfurt and Amsterdam 2008

  1. Christopher and Tammy, I must say I have dreamed the dream of Holland and it’s spring beauty many times. You have brought it home to me through your photos. Also, sharing your experience of train ride and bicycling to enjoy this beauty. Thanks for sharing. Your photos are a real delight. I l love them.

    Maybe your photos will get us up and out to Debi’s spring plant sale next week to show a little color in our homes.

  2. Chris and Tammy thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us on thedailylily. I have like your Mom wanted to go to Holland and see the tulips and the wooden shoes. Long ago a couple moved into the valley and tried to grow the flowers they did in Holland. I remember the beautiful gardens but I don’t think they continued. What a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing. See you all at Debi’s spring plant sale.

  3. Thank you Christopher and Tammy for generously sharing your experiences with us through these awesome photos! What amazes me about the Holland photos is how the blooms of the different species are so perfectly synchronized…the effect is just wow! Gazing upon those bands of color is like a healing balm for the senses.
    And I loved the other places you visited. You are great tourguides.

  4. C & T…you always bring us innovative ideas and share your exciting travels with us….that we can feel a part of your many fun escapades. These pictures are absolutely professional with award winning photographical expertise. And ‘we are there’!

  5. such beautiful flowers and thank you sooooo much for sharing with us each time you make such journeys……I look forward to the photos because they done so lovingly and brings your trip right home to us…..Tammy you look lovely in that field of flowers…..Great photo Christopher of the two of you with bike……yes Sara you are right these photos should get us up and out …… the spring plant sale……dj

  6. Beautiful flowers, Chris and Tammy! What a treat for me, to get the opportunity, to see a little of Holland! I am sure you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Chris and Tammy thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. These are awesome pictures. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. When Chris & Tammy told us about the Tulip fields near Brightwood, Va. that they discovered recently, an area not too far from where we live, it reminded me of the the pictures they sent back from the tulip fields of Holland that you see above. The glory of the Lord’s creation gives new breath and zip to the soul when we feast our eyes on these gorgeous blooms. It gives one pause (selah) how only a great God could think up and fashion this field of bliss, color and wonderment.
    We praise You, Lord, for Your glorious creation and the privilege you have afforded us to find joy in the works of Your Hands.

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