We left off in our last Wonderland Adventure with Alice having shrunk small enough to get through the door that leads to the beautiful garden, but having left the door key on the table. Failing in her attempt to climb up the table, she decides to eat a little cake left in a box under the table. Perhaps this will help her grow to reach the key. After finishing it off, she shoots up like a telescope but is much too large now to fit through the little door. Disregarding her own advice to stop crying, she sheds a pool of tears. Presently, seeing the rabbit, she implores his help but to no avail as she startles him so that he drops his glove and fan. Holding his fan, she realizes that this is causing her to shrink away again!

Downsized and eager to head for the garden door, she finds it shut and realizes the key is still up high on the table. She is worse off than before.
(Oh, I think I can relate to Alice’s predicament. Have you ever longed for and tried hard, through many ups and downs, to get through a door and into a lovely new place but can’t grasp the key to it?)
This ordeal may have caused the next careless step, I’m not sure…but at any rate poor Alice slipped and found herself almost drowning in her own sea of salty tears then tries to get help from a mouse who has fallen in also. Her insensitive communication with him regarding her cat and a dog (the former a good mouser, the latter a good ratter) most assuredly doesn’t build any bonding.
(Why is it we say we want to make friends but are so selfishly focused on our own interests that we seem blind to those of others?)
Well. Alice patches up her conversational mistakes enough so that at least the mouse doesn’t abandon her. Then the mouse, she, and several other ‘curious creatures’ swim to shore and embark on an unusual way to try to get dry. (See you next time to find out how….)
The Garden 1The Key To The Garden Door