For Christmas I received a ‘listening library’ of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Jon M. I found it interesting on reading the cover of it that the author, Lewis Carroll was such a diverse person, a mathematician, photographer and clergyman. At Sara’s suggestion, I would like to share some observations and thoughts as I enjoy listening to this classic.

Chapter One opens with Alice sitting on a bank on a hot day. Beside her is her sister who is reading a book with no pictures or conversations. That sort of book does not interest Alice in the least. What does capture her attention is a pink-eyed rabbit wearing a waistcoat and looking at a watch while bemoaning that he is too late. ‘Burning with curiosity’ she runs after the rabbit and into a rabbit hole where she falls down, down, down for a very long time.
(At this point in the story I couldn’t help but think of the times I have become distracted by a ‘burning curiosity’ and run off chasing rabbits only to end up falling down a dark hole.)
Eventually she hits bottom and wanders through dark passages until she discovers a small door, and a little gold key that unlocks it and reveals a narrow passage leading to a beautiful garden that she longs to enter. Unfortunately she is too large to fit through the door. Drinking from a bottle marked ‘Drink Me’ makes her shrink down to size but in her absorption with shrinking and drinking she forgets and leaves behind, on the table and out of reach, the most crucial element for getting through the door…the key!
(Oh! I think how often a door of opportunity presents itself to us and we fail to get it opened because we over focus on one area and miss a critical component.)
Such adventures poor Alice has to go through next in an attempt to get into that garden!
(…to be continued)

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