I just thought I would share with you some thoughts I have had, while traveling from NC to Niagara Falls, both sides, Vermont, Maine and many other beautiful spots. Maybe you can elaborate on the Biblical aspects?

As I have been traveling and admiring the handy works, of God’s creation, I began to think about the scripture in Genesis that says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. I believe God made heaven and earth just like He wanted, but I began to think on His words, about going to PREPARE a place for us found in John 14. Can you help me understand, if you think God was saying that He was going to make Heaven even more beautiful than it was, when He created it? Just an interesting thought I had?

When looking upon earth’s beauty with both my eyes and yet single-eye-focus on God I wonder how could it get more beautiful! What is Jesus preparing for those that love Him?


cell photo while visiting Niagara Falls that I took