Flames of Fire

Have you ever sat quietly in front of a fireplace, a candle or open fire roasting marshmallows while contemplating; Psalm 104:4b “He makes His ministers flames of fire .” (Also, see Hebrews 1:7)

That is God’s open fire potential opinion of us! Are we a steady burning Blue Flame? A fire with Rose glow? A Flying Spark as I am now seeing in my burning fireplace? It only takes a love spark to get a fire going!

I, now, have battery operated candles even flickering ones sitting all around. They are pretty, give nice contained light and safer but it’s NOT a burning flame. As, I pause to gaze upon both, a fake candle sitting nicely on my mantle above a hot burning fireplace, this early Sunday Morn, one reminds me of being lukewarm in fervor to Christ.  While the other reminds me of  being burning hot flames with sparks for Christ. An Angel warned us in Revelation 3:15-16, not to be lukewarm!


Snow in my Morn!

There are many in a lonely place and not a warm hand to hold or a pat on the back? We that have it all and reach out and touch seem to have more and again reach out and touch.


It’s snowing at my home, again. So beautiful as the purity of white fall gently on my trees while I watch from my upstairs window and wonder, where are my little birds? The quiet of the morn on a snowy morn awaken senses one never knew they had. Love pursues and fears disappear like lighting in the sky. Family and friends are joy when hands unite and become a branch that holds the gently, yet heavy at times, blanket of beauty, that stretch beyond the eye. Magical it is because the miracle of love has been born! Peace and love to your day, One and All! A very Merry Christmas

PS A favorite scripture of mine; ”

“Come now, let’s settle this,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool. Isaiah 1:18 NLT

Samaritans Purse Packing Photos

Christ Church Int’l/The Daily Lily would like to thank all that gave generously of their time and resources to benefit children around the world. We did about 75 boxes on Saturday. Tammy M. and her office participated in this project with us and had already finished 15 fully packed boxes with finances of $7 each to help with shipping. Please continue to contribute to this project as we hope to pack again in the fall. Check out details for giving and packing: http://www.samaritanspurse.org

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The Daily Lily's Samaritans Purse   photoset The Daily Lily’s Samaritans Purse photoset

Making a Fresh Advent Wreath

One way we symbolically anticipate the birth and soon coming return of Christ is with an advent wreath. The wreath shows us that God is eternal. Jesus said He was the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. The greens are everlasting, like the love of Christ who dies for all. And each candle, with a different meaning, reminds us that He is the light that gives light to every man.

There are several different ways to make an advent wreath but I would like to show you one that will stay fresh throughout the advent season.

The first step is to acquire or purchase your supplies. Local craft stores usually carry the following items at this time of year: a wire wreath form (I chose a 14” size); a wire advent wreath form approx the same size; 1 roll of 3-4” wide green plastic wreath wrap; a bag of milled sphagnum moss (a bag about the size of a cinderblock should be ample/don’t purchase peat, spanish or green moss by mistake); a small package of greening pins; 3 purple and 1 pink dripless candle; 4 yds of #40 wired ribbon (optional).
advent wreath 1

Step two is to soak the moss in warm water until fully hydrated (about 10 minutes).

For step three place heaping handfuls in the inverted side of wreath form until it is evenly full. Do not squeeze the sphagnum dry, as this is what will hold the moisture in to keep your greens hydrated and fresh.
advent wreath 2

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