The Christmas Story

This story never grows old! 🎼“Tell me the story of Jesus write on my heart every word
Tell me the story most precious sweetest that ever was heard
Tell how the angels in chorus sang as they welcomed his birth
Glory to Thy in the highest peace and the tidings to earth
Tell me the story of Jesus”🎼

Tell me the story of Jesus

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Story

  1. Looking at the beautiful photos above, one thing that stood out to me was that the artists/artisans tell the same story but each in a unique way. The three-dimensional story on the hill set up among living trees and plants and soil seems to ground the birth of the Savior that occurred many years ago to the reality of today; it was not just a historical event, it is living and active for us in 2022.

    The colorful painting/depiction of Jesus birth, I think, brings our attention to the wonder and excitement of that day when God Himself came to us as a baby in a manger.

    And viewing these photo scenes and reading the words of the song, “Tell Me the Story”, awakens the many Christmas hymns that go along with the Nativity figures to “tell the story”, which never changes, but which is sung in many tunes and in many ways to remind us of Jesus birth and sacrifice for the world.

  2. How can we fill the season of Advent with more wonder? As Tom Wright, the distinguished New Testament scholar, reminds us, if we remove Advent—that is, attentively waiting for Jesus’ birth—from the Bible, we lose half the Old Testament and most of the New, including stories of Jesus’ ancestors, the words of the prophets, and the mystery of the Incarnation. Most certainly, if we don’t observe Advent thoughtfully, we will not arrive at Christmas ready for the Christ child. … But if we embrace Advent—this special time of anticipating the mystery of the Incarnation—we will find our celebration of Jesus’ coming at Bethlehem filled with wonder and awe.

    —Trevor Hudson, Pauses for Advent: Words of Wonder (Upper Room Books, 2017)

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