Samaritans Purse Packing Photos

Christ Church Int’l/The Daily Lily would like to thank all that gave generously of their time and resources to benefit children around the world. We did about 75 boxes on Saturday. Tammy M. and her office participated in this project with us and had already finished 15 fully packed boxes with finances of $7 each to help with shipping. Please continue to contribute to this project as we hope to pack again in the fall. Check out details for giving and packing:

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The Daily Lily's Samaritans Purse   photoset The Daily Lily’s Samaritans Purse photoset

13 thoughts on “Samaritans Purse Packing Photos

  1. I LOVE seeing all the happy faces, preparing the Christmas boxes, for the precious children, around the world. I am excited that CCI and thedailylily are “teaming up” to prepare and send as many boxes, as we can. Thanks for posting the great pictures!

  2. There was an air of joy and satisfaction as we selected each lovely item from the contributions given by our generous donors. We thought of which special child would receive the box(es) each of us was packing. We imagined the faces of the beautiful, innocent but deprived little children who did not have a toothbrush, a bar of soap, a clean washcloth much less crayons and pencils and pens and a wonderful cuddly stuffed animal that was soft and reassuring to hug and that would be their ” friend” for a long, long time.
    Jesus said, ” if you do for the least of these, you have done it for ME.”
    God bless the beasts and the children and suffer them to come unto Jesus.
    This is a noble project and close to the Heart of God, I know.

  3. We are so excited at CCI and to be apart of the Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan’s Purse. What a blessing to be able to pack a special box for a child and pray over the box that the child opening the package may be blessed and know Jesus. May he/she know that Jesus cared enough to send a box their way. We thank all the donors who gave of items for this special undertaking. Without them the packing would not have happened. We pray that more people will be able to give so more children will receive. May you give of your beautiful talents, time, and gifts as specified on the Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child site. As MG said their was JOY there. As I was teaching Sunday School we would say JOY meants Jesus Over You. May Jesus be over each child on Christmas Day and embrass them in LOVE.

  4. is planning its fourth annual retreat. It is held each year in NC where part of the contributors to this site lives and works. We are in the praying, planning and preparation stages for this year’s retreat. We are making some changes including wanting to make dolls and wrap and pack shoeboxes as part of “Operation Christmas Child.”

    There are just so many that are involved in this project and have been for many years with us. (See pics and stories on this site under Samaritan Purse). I am so thankful that we do not need to name our names as hands of help, pockets of giving, lips of prayer and praise as the important ONES are the children that will receive. We have precious people helping that we do not know, ones we know well and new ones we are getting to know.

    I would like to say as a volunteer it is a privilege to fellowship with other volunteers as we work to be a part of children’s lives around the world in some small yet important way. The one thing I love the most about these boxes is that Franklin Graham’s ministry makes sure there are stories of Jesus in the child’s language that goes in each box. They are given out by churches and other volunteers that love the child and shows it with stories, songs, prayer and box on our behalf. How can volunteering get any better?

    I hope each of us will see our ‘thank you’ in the face of a child as your box warms the heart of a precious child.

  5. What a blessing to be and see all who are a part of CCI/The Daily Lily’s ‘Operation Christmas Child’ and to know that many children over all the world will be touched by this effort. Let us continue to join in prayer and participation for this great project.

  6. This a great project. Needles and I (as part of NC) are also collecting shoe boxes and getting ready for the big day, our Fourth Annual Retreat. Can’t wait to see those beautiful smiling faces. This is an awesome gift of love to these beautiful children. God bless those busy bees who are preparing these awesome boxes and God bless those precious children who are eagarly waiting for the gifts. To bring laughter and smiles into places that this is rarely seen. Praise the Lord! This is something to get excited about. Now that’s an awesome project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That’s right, Chickenfarmer, it is an “awesome project.” We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn about our spiritual gifts, and visit the Billy Graham Library, last third annual retreat. We learned that Dr. Graham never gave up, he even preached to a stump, just to get practice! Walking through that library, and seeing the displays of his travels, photos of his evangelism, and his persistence to win people to the Lord, was sure an encouragment to me. Now, look at how God has blessed us to have the opportunity to use our gifts, right through Billy Graham’s son, and his ministry, with the Samaritan’s Purse, for the purpose of sending the good news of our Lord, to children around the world.

  8. Chickenfarmer and Needles, how happy we are to know that our NC team is at work with the shoe boxes. It will be a real blessing to be with all of you again this year in our Fourth Annual Retreat of The daily

    Needles, thanks for the good memory of reflecting on our retreat and outreach trip to Charlotte, NC to be inspired by the work of Dr. Graham.

    “A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up.”

  9. Needles you are right He Rev. Billy Graham was and is persistent about getting the gospel out I believe that it was no coincident that was Christ Church Int..The Daily Lily went there …as the Director Pastor Sara She too is persistent about getting the gospel out….and she is!!!!

  10. I really enjoyed filling boxes and have two baskets filled and two huge garbage bags filled with items for the next Christmas Child Operation packing. Please join me in this effort.

  11. Congratulations Joey! We enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you again in the early fall to complete our boxes just in time to bless children all over the world for Christmas ’09.

    Blessings in every way to you and family. Look forward to seeing you @our next packing.

  12. Joey, it’s exciting to read about your enjoyment, enthusiasm and effort! And it was great meeting and working with you at the first packing. See you in early fall and keep up the good work!

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