Thanks to Debi and MG for sharing their gifts…

MG and Debi are two names that are interwoven through out this reflection. A big thank you to their faithfulness in using all their gifts and being steadfast. 

“GOD CALLS US according to our unique aptitudes. But we often overlook our more “everyday” human attributes like having a strong back or being able to repair machines or grow flowers. Some of us can organize; some can do accounting; some can greet people warmly and make them feel welcome; some can make plants grow. Think about such natural abilities and how God might use them.”

– Understanding Spiritual Gifts Participant’s Book

4 thoughts on “Thanks to Debi and MG for sharing their gifts…

  1. I’m loving how our gifts can change with the times! The Holy Spirit has used creative ideas of those willing to be used to make our gifts so much easier than even one year ago let alone 50 years ago.

    I was told how those sick in hospitals, homes or wherever can receive prayers and good wishes from around the world with a phone or computer in seconds. A friend told me that she sat in ICU and read from her computer greeting after greeting all day long to her Mother. Whoa, her Mother and all that were around were blessed. Faith Building Blocks are at our finger tips. No more waiting for a card in the mail. No more having to go buy one. I bought greeting cards when I purchased my computer. I love it.

    The Word of faith is flashing and time is of the essence in my mind’s eye. “…the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 We need new wings for new things…

  2. Isn’t God amazing at how He has put His church together….the Body of Christ.. with each one of us possessing certain gifts or attributes that contribute to the BODY to help keep it holy, whole, comforted, well fed, warm, be-friended? [And FB thought it had created Friended, indeed???] There is nothing new under the sun___Ecclesiastes 1:9…unless the Spirit of God does it.
    Anyway, to continue on the amazing God we serve, He uses the minutest skills and abilitites and weaves them together among His children to create a tapestry of good works which He has prepared ahead of time for us to do. And with these miniscule, seemlingly mundane abilities, He creates a masterpiece that have, most of the time, have great significant and consequential results not only in the temporal world but in the Spirit, also.
    Thank God for prophets, teachers, preachers, anointed leaders who hear the voice of God and with the Master’s paint brush coloring inside the lines, make a lovely portrait of love and good will toward one another and those of the Fellowship of Jesus Christ who need those gifts so desperately.
    Amazing Grace!

  3. “We need new wings for new things…” makes me think of the ‘wings’ of maple trees. These are really the tree’s fruit and some people call them helicopters and others refer to them as samaras. Each spring the tree blooms and grows new wings which eventually come whirring to the ground and often produces lots of tiny maple seedlings where they land. Last years wings just dry up and disintegrate if they haven’ t sprouted anything. Each new season’s wings have the potential for a whole new crop.

  4. “MG and Debi”………….. I have witnessed these two, beautiful women, using their gifts, for the Lord! May God continue to bless them! 🙂

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