Today is appointed by our government to be a day of remembrance of those who never made it back from the wars.

It’s all been said and done by many organizations around our nation. Leaders have extolled the virtues of those who gave up their lives for the cause of our freedom. There are graveside events and families place wreaths, ministers and rabbis mention these things in their sermons and and flags are flown on this Remembrance Day of the those martyred for our national cause.

Rolling Thunder has “roared” through our community en route to the nation’s Capitol to remember the fallen and to support our surviving veterans.

But I also want to remember the families, the wives, mothers and fathers and the children who will never see their loved ones again. They are the ones that we must pray for. We can only hope that our loved ones, some buried at sea, others in Arlington Cemetery and cemeteries all over our nation and abroad….that these men and women called out to the Lord at the hour death.

And for the veterans who have survived in harm’s way…who have given a limb or who have emotional scars.,, I am thinking what a tragedy it would be to escape the horrors of war only to be in danger of the horrors and terrors of Hell. These also we lift up in prayer to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ that they may through our intercessions on their behalf, also receive Christ as their Lord and Savior to love and serve Him as they have valiently served their country.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will draw these heroes, men and women of the Armed Forces who have survived…that HE will bring the Spirit of Christ upon these people and draw them to Christ. Jesus said, ” If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto ME.”
Let us lift up Christ in our prayers for these people on the very special day of Remembrance…..Memorial Day.

MG Henry