Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

The Rose of Sharon School of Learning/CCI took part Saturday in “A Worldwide Team Effort” by packing 74 shoe-boxes for a special child somewhere in the World in being a part of the Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

Many thanks for the ones that gave to fill the boxes and the ones that took part in the wrapping, packing and organizing and delivery of these boxes. Also thanks for the wonderful refreshments we shared while packing.

From North America to the Far Corners of the Earth, Operation Christmas Child Unites Caring Christians to Bring Joy and Hope to Millions of Hurting Children. For more information visit

January, ’06 we will start collecting for our boxes for November. Remember to think about things that you might have to fill shoe-boxes so we can increase our numbers for ’06. Be a part of a child’s life by filling a shoe-box.

9 thoughts on “Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

  1. Do you have the sweat shirts with The Rose of Sharon School of Learning? If so, how much and how would I order? I like the purple shirt.

  2. The comraderie and team spirit that accompanied the wrapping of the boxes was exhilarating. As we chose items for each box we thought of the precious child that would receive it and the joy on his/her face as the box was opened on Christmas morning and the treasures inside revealed; treasures that loving people had donated for the charitable cause of bringing some happiness and blessing to little ones who do not have the myriad of possessions like many of us.
    Blessings on the little children; blessings on those who contributed and worked on filling and wrapping the boxes; blessings on the Franklin Graham ministry of Samaritan’s Purse that remembers and ministers to the poor and needy. That touches the heart of the LORD in a very special way.

  3. I know a piece of each persons heart went in those precious boxes…and at least in a few went an address just in case they might write me….

  4. Were delivered to Dransville United Methodist Church, Va. 11/14/05 at the Samaritan Purse pick-up.

    Our prayers of blessings and joy to each child now as boxes will be delivered to each individual child.

  5. Today at CCI Sara showed us a Gaither Christmas video filmed in South Africa in 2005. It featured the Samaritin’s Purse shoebox deliveries to orphans (many very sick w/ AIDS and other illnesses)along with all the great gospel singing of the Gaither show there. It was so touching and wonderful to see where many of the 2005 shoeboxes went. The children were so joyful and thankful to receive them. Many children had never been given a gift before. The box distribution is coordinated with local churches and it is hoped that each child will receive Jesus as their Savior. What a vital ministry this is to millions of children all across the world and how great that we were able to see fruit from the labors our part of this project. We look forward to beginning preparations now for the 2009 shoebox deliveries. Thank you Sara for this inspirational video.

  6. The boxes were like manna from Heaven for these precious little ones. Some had never seen such a grand display of goodies. Pens? Pencils? Crayons? socks? Underwear & PJ’s? A little stuffed bear? A little truck? Oh my! Such luxurious articles. Their eyes shone. Their little faces beamed with wonder at a ball cap, a little ball, Oh and a book, a little Bible in their own language!! Someone cared! They were touched in their little baby-hearts. There is nothing that can compare with the joy and ecstasy at a little Tee Shirt and our hearts were strongly stirred as we watched them open their boxes, tears flowed and joy, oh the Joy!
    I am inspired once again to start collecting precious articles for those precious children. How Father’s Heart must thrill as He sees His children imitating their HEAVENLY FATHER.
    I am so happy that Sara heard the commission from the Throne Room, concerning this marvelous ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. And we will respond to our Father with all our hearts.

  7. After such a marvelous video. Yes we look forward to 2009 preparation of boxes and sending forth. We hope others will join us with a box, a gift to tuck inside, or
    shipping dollars.

  8. We were so blessed this year, Christmas ’08, to be able to also give into “Samaritan Purse” through our giving to help a family with chicks, livestock, vocational training, stocking fish ponds, fresh water and other necessities to help very needy families.

    We are so thankful to have Franklin Graham and his ministry at this time in history. We join Franklin in giving and most importantly praying for our child or families that receive of our gifts as well as all people young and old to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

    Thank you Franklin, We also pray for your Father, Billy Graham, healing in his body, comfort in his soul and joy in his heart each and everyday. Blessings to The Graham Family!

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