Bible Reading by Gary

I have been reading the Bible a lot recently. As a matter of fact since 2001 my goal has been to read through the Bible each year. In 2001, my daily checklist had more books and chapters unchecked and unread than read. In 2002, I made a seventy five percent completion of my goal. In 2003, I made it all the way through the Bible. I read the whole thing through from cover to cover. In 2004, I read the Bible through three times. In 2005, I’m on track to read it through two times.

Now this is not a totally new thing for me to read the Bible through. I had read it through before. One year, some years ago, I read the Bible through two times in about 45 days.

After reading the Bible this much you would think you would become a completely new person. I find that I have improved in some areas of my character, and I find much that much still needs improving, but I’m not a completely new person. I have gained a greater understanding of the Old Testament and I’m not nearly as confused about the Kings of Israel and Judah as I used to be. I even see the usefulness of all those names and numbers in the books of Moses. I know more about the words of Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel and how they fit it with the fall of the nation of Israel. When I reach the New Testament I find a great shifting of gears. You go from reading of the intimate life of a nation that failed to follow God to God trying to speak to a whole humanity that ignores him.

In my reading I have found that the words of Jesus to his contemporaries are true. He told them, “You search the scriptures because you think you find life in them, but life is not found in the scriptures, it is found in me.” I’ve discovered that at times, I’ve idolized the Bible and made it God when the Bible is really a book that tries to teach me how to discover God.

Am I going to stop reading the Bible? No, I’m going to continue to read it. And as I do, I believe I will understand more about the God who inspired it and more than just know about the God who inspired it, I will know the God who inspired men to write the Bible. I don’t know everything there is to know about how the Bible came together. I don’t know everything there is in the Bible, but I do know the God who had men write the Bible said to us in it that you can go through your life on this earth and think you know all about me, but I will say to you on the judging day of your life, “I don’t know you.” So I’ll continue to read the Bible because I want God to know me.

To be continued


7 thoughts on “Bible Reading by Gary”

  1. Thanks to following your study guide, “Empowering for Power”,(available under ‘Books’ on this site) I have been able to read the Bible through yearly for the past three years. I found this daily habit, which takes a few minutes in the morning, enables me to stay clear-minded and focused on all my other tasks throughout the day. It’s great!

  2. I have been using Gary’s Bible Guide for a few years now & find it innovative in pursuing God’s Word. It is quite distinct as it doesn’t direct only in the books as they appear in the BIBLE, but sometimes follows a chronological path and/or relates one book to a similar event or happening and how the Lord addresses a situation with another version of the text in a different book of the BIBLE.
    This makes it most interesting as to what GOD deems signifcant and to what He wants us to pay attention.
    I look forward to using Gary’s new and updated guide again, in the New Year. Many thanks.

  3. I have used your checklist for the past two years and have enjoyed this means of reading through the Bible. I had attempted many times before to read the Bible but my good intentions never accomplished anything. This year I’m well on my way to finishing the Bible through a second time.

    I have asked God to speak to me as I read and sometimes the text is almost too hot to handle. Every word seems to JUMP right off the page, taking my breathe away, and having such an impact on me. Praise God that His word is a living word and FULL OF LIFE. Thanks for taking the time to publish the list to check off. It works for me.

    1. Mrs. O or Rena you have a gift. You understand what sacrifice means. Taking time to read the bible is one great way to give to God. I am still trying to understand to take time to read the bible. You know ever once in awhile there will come a teacher that is great but then you will meat a teacher who is more than a teacher but is a friend. I can talk to you about anything! You are my best friend!
      Your friend,

      1. Grace I was just researching the word Grace. This was in reference to grace that God gave us through His son Jesus. This is just one meaning of that term grace. Grace means that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness. In the Bible in Luke 4:22 “And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, Is not this Joseph’s son?” Jesus’ words were sweet and refreshing. You can sure tell that you are a follower of Jesus as you role model him in your precious words.

        Now Grace I can get you a checklist to read the bible through in a year. It is easy, and I learn so much every year. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.

        Your friend,
        Mrs. O

      2. Mrs. O, I just looked up your name. Your name means peace! My, do you have peace! When you smile with a friendly hello to our class that brings peace. When you go to diffrent contries to talk about our father that brings a little hope and a lot of peace! I agree with what they say Rena means!
        Your friend,

  4. I just want to comment again, this year, on how helpful the EMPOWERINg FOR POWER BIBLE READING GUIDE has been in ENCOURAGING ME to REMAIN focused on the WORD of GOD and having it before me regularly AND TIMELY. This is one of the best and most creative BIBLE GUIDES I have used. Each year I try to read from a different version OF THE BIBLE. So far I have read from the Amplified, Message, OLD KING JAMES, NEW KING JAMES. It is most excticing to follow God’s relationship with HIS people from their creation right through to ETERNITY. It’s all there and it is thought provoking, inspiring, exciting, informative, astounding and most of all, PRESENTS GREAT HOPE FOR MANKIND, that is Jesus Christ the Messiah! Read all about it in the BIBLE.

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