Are you able to recall the last time someone mentored you or taught you?
Are you able to recall someone coming along beside you maybe for just a season of your journey? They were just there long enough to help you overcome a spiritual obstacle or offer a special prayer for you, your family or friends.
How did you thank them?
Did you write them? Call them? Email them? Pay them? Give them a gift? Say a prayer for them? Think about them?
All the above ways are excellent ways to thank someone for their love and giving of themselves to us but there is one way higher than all others, I believe.
By sharing what we have learned and where we learned the principal and from whom we learned the principal or received the help with others has the greatest potential of increase for them and for you. Now you might ask why I believe this? Praise and Thanksgiving is one of the main themes of the Word of God. “It is a good thing to give thanks…” We see in God’s word how it is good to give thanks publicly, openly and freely. Luke 11:28 Jesus comments “ More Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obeys it.”

When we release both negative and positive words from our mouth into the atmosphere they go and they gain speed and energy and they produce. Many times we want to thank God for His Goodness to us but we do it in our prayer closet or in secret. OK, good, but how would others hear about His goodness, if you will not speak it? How will others know about your mentor, teacher, or helper, if you do not share openly with others? Most importantly, how will they know where and how to receive the same kind of help for themselves and others.?

In business we often hear the best approach is “Word of Mouth.” Of course it works for it is a sound biblical principle and biblical principles are for all if they apply them appropriately.

There is life and death in the power of the tongue according to God’s principles.

Let’s start today by remembering and sharing our blessings with others.
Hint from Sara-it will also help to improve our communication skills.


  1. Wanting to share what God has done for you is sort of like keeping the Golden Rule; doing (or giving) unto others as you have received. In fact Jesus says that in the Gospels…freely you have received, freely give. It works in all areas beside the financial aspect. When I hear a good sermon, read a good book, listen to some inspirational music, I want to share it. When someone gives a piece of good counsel, Godly advice, expert opinion or divine insight and it alleviates a problem or helps shed light in a relationship, I am so grateful, giving thanks to the Lord AND sharing with someone who might have similar situations, from whence comes the Godly wisdom and/or deliverance from the problem.
    Sometimes gratitude is more than just a thank you note.

  2. As a teacher I have mentored a number of teachers. My spiritual mentor though has helped me so much with each one I have mentored. God’s principles for truly for our walk in this life. When walking and sharing his principles we find so much JOY! I can’t thank you (Sara) enough for mentoring me all these many years. I could never ever pay you enough for all that you have vested in me. Perhaps God will give you an extra crown. Thanks so much. You have changed my life with your FAITH and LOVE of Jesus.

    1. Rena, thanks return to you with many blessings for your appreciation in your love, prayers, blessings and generous financial giving into this ministry for so many years. May you and your family receive multi-fold blessings for your generous giving over and over.

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