Throwing Your Light Forward

Another great workbook by Sara with Gary on Relationship, Friendship, and Fellowship.

Sara teaching “Throwing Your Light Forward” at CCI/ROSSOL Seminar

These six studies have been designed for groups to study “The True Light” and become enlightened by each other through sharing life’s eperieneces and Life Light.” John 1

We are given real life issues as found in both the Old and New Testaments to guide us into our own relationships and how to handle them according to God’s Word.

Each study ends with Q&A giving each participant in workshop/study/retreat time for reflection and sharing.

Great to use in small or large Bible Studies with facilitator or leader. These studies come out of a love that Sara has for small groups and their ability to share with one another for healing and help in the hope of loving and kind relationships. Sara enjoys teaching, seminars, retreats and facilitating groups as well as helping others teach and lead their group through these studies.

This workbook is full of color pictures that help with the illustrations and enjoyment of using “Throwing Your Light Forward.”

$35 for each book up to 6
$25 for 6 or up

2 thoughts on “Throwing Your Light Forward

  1. Going through this book helped me sort through the complexities of relationships and understand the value and purpose of different types of them. Having Sara expound on and guide the seminar group through this study was particularly helpful and I look forward to going through it again.
    Leesburg VA

  2. The media is full of news stories about broken relationships, broken partnerships, broken financial contracts, broken government policies and laws, broken families. It all originates with breakdown of relationships and the spirit of integrity & loyalty & character. If we were to learn the principles set forth in THROWING YOUR LIGHT FORWARD; if corporations and companies would use this foundational study to train employees and representatives; if secondary schools and institutions of higher learning would employ the practices set forth in this book, then maybe CEO’s of companies and corporations and presidents of nations,including our own, would not have to give their personnel refresher courses on etiquette & the handling of sensitive documents and information, broken treaties and the treatment of citizens & Foreigners alike.
    Bravo on a treatise well forged!!! THROWING YOUR LIGHT FORWARD

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