“The kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared.” Titus 3:4

To all that visit The Daily Lily on Christmas Day may you receive a special blessing from our Heavenly Father.

May His Love, Grace, Peace and Hope impregnate your soul as you lift your eyes unto the hills of heaven from which comes your help.

May your mind be refreshed with the dew of Heaven.
May your heart be inflamed with the fire of passion.
May your body be energized with the power of life.
May your being and sphere of space be magnified?

May all you desire be in your grasp.
May your family be in unity and peace.
May your nation be at peace with God.
And may our World find peace
and let it begin with each of us.

Merry Christmas to All!
Sara, Gary and Family



      1. As I “drive” up to the “window” of, I gaze at the MENU of information, revelation, wisdom and blessings that are displayed there. What to order, what to order? It all sounds so good! Why not take it all? Take all the guidance, the blessings, the counsel, the wisdom, the important information and GO…GO…GO…go into the earth; my job; my family; my church; my life and be refreshed and restored by the excellence of the nourishment that delights my spiritual palate.
        Thank you for…….the information that is needful and the fellowship that warms the heart. Thank you for obedient servants of God whose gift to humanity is to see them find the Truth and Wisdom of the Living God by which to conduct our lives. WE NEED IT SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

  1. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. Thank you for all the hard work you and your ministry has done on this beautiful site. It is a real blessing to everyone. May God pour out his blessings on you this coming year.

  2. I just found the right way to get back to the Daily Lily, I know I missed the timing for the Christmas blessing, but to find the way back to the site is a blessing in itself for me …thank you for being here…. still Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Years blessings dj

  3. I copied this prayer and made copies on pretty paper and used it as part of my Christmas Table setting. We prayed the prayer together as a family and led by my husband.

    It set the tone for our meal and conversation and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit leading us all through the day. I hope I remember to make this a Christmas Tradition rather than just have one person say the grace. Of course that is nice as well.

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