New Puppy


We would like for each of you to meet the newest “Lily”. DOB January 11, 2006. Dam: Spirit of Autumn-Lioness and Sire: Sport’n Heritage. She is from the Asheville NC area. She is eight weeks old in this photo taken by Christopher.

Blazing Star “Lily”. She is as beautiful as the Blazing Star Lily that many of us feast our eyes on in our gardens about this time of the year through the summer. Her personality is so gentle and she is brilliant.

Lily is looking forward to meeting all of you and being a vital fun part of The Daily Lily. Shadow is enjoying her as well. I think he thinks she is a play doll.

3 thoughts on “New Puppy

  1. What a delightful creature!! When we see lovely creations like Shadow and Lily, each with his/her special characteristics and Dog-on-ality We know that there is a GOD in Heaven who is a SKILLED CRAFTSMAN of living beings,Who is full of understanding and wisdom, counsel, mercy and a marvelous sense of Humor. Thank You GOD for these wonderful little beings that bring delight and solace to our lives.

  2. You are just so precious, and brightly beautiful….Lily..and to watch you grow daily will be a real joy….welcome home…love dj

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