Fitness for “07

This year, I will strengthen my muscles along with my mind and spirit. Start looking for ways to build, train and flex together in ’07. I hope to start posting some exercise tips. Like to hear from all of you if you have questions, ideas or thoughts on exercising for health. When we are healthy and energized we can do more and have more time and energy to show Jesus Christ to the world.

Let’s work our muscles together in ’07.

22 thoughts on “Fitness for “07

  1. I am looking forward to your encouragement. If anyone could encourage me to walk again it would be you. What do you think of a pedometer ‘walking counter.’ I have been thinking of getting one to count my daily steps around the house.

    Thanks for the power of healing through loving us into healing in body, body and spirit. Blessings on this page to all.

  2. Hey, WENDY! What a great idea to rally the Lilies together to assist and lead us in health-supportive exercises and tips. We can encourage one another, daily, and I will also let you know if Sara indulges in an extra Godiva chocolate or if Dorothy has a vente Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel [so that you can give them extra exercises to do.] 🙂
    But in all sincerity this sounds very exciting and I am looking forward to what you have to share with us.
    Thank you so much.

  3. I agree that we need to be healthy and energized and I am looking forward to you helping us get there! Landscape season starts soon for me…time to get out the shovels, rakes, etc. I’d like to know some ways to strengthen muscles and back in preparation for this without putting excess strain on ligaments and joints. Thanks.

  4. What a glorious page to look forward to! I intend to strengthen my mind and spirit too and am looking forward to strengthening my body too for the work of the Lord this year as I believe we can do more with a stronger body….Is there an exercise that can strengthen ones wrists and shoulders?…I would really like to do this…

  5. Hi Wendy,
    I can hardly wait to read your tips on getting healthy. I love walking. I started last March thinking I would do the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. I didn’t get to do that but have been walking ever since. I use the time to pray as well. I have found over the months that my mile is clicking by faster so I am able to do more miles in less time. My doctor recommended that I might want to try ankle or wrists weights. She said not to carry the barbells as these caused more problems with wrist problems than they were worth. I have the kind that strap on and hope to add these this year.

  6. Although chicken chasing is wonderful exercise, I would not recommend this with consulting with your physician first.
    There are many exercises you can do at home. A pedometer is a wonderful way to start your exercise program for 2007. Set achievable goals. You may say tomorrow I will take ten more steps than I did today. This is a good start. When you go shopping you could park in the furthest parking space instead of the one closest to the store. The key is to set goals you can work toward. You can even set short term; example: I’m going to walk a half mile three times a week. A long term goal; I’m going to lose 15 pounds by a certain date. What ever you do just don’t quit. Keep working. Stretching is very important before and after working out. This helps with flexiablity and also helps to prevent injury to your muscles. The older we get the more aches and pains we find. Stretching is a good way to start your morning. If you are not sure what stretches to do you can purchase a video or book that may help you. Joints is another problem for some of us. Over the years we put a lot of wear and tear on our joints. The joints are made up of cartilage which is made up of collagen and a gel of proteoglycans. Chondrocytes help break down and dispose of old cartilage and replace it with new material. Glucosamine Chondroitin can help maintain your joints. You can find this over the counter. Read the warnings before you take any drugs.
    Water is also a very important part of your diet. Most Americans walk around dehydrated. Our bodies are made up of about 62% of water. Many of us would rather drink something besides water. The recommended amout of water is about 4-8 eight ounce glasses daily. This is very important to every system in your body. There has to be certain amount of water in your cells for your body to maintain a good balance. Babies have more than 62% and may become dehydrated quicker than adults. Elderly usually have less than 62%. Drinking ice cold water can also help burn more calories. One gallon of ice cold water generates about 123 calories of heat energy. So not only are you hydrating your body you can burn calories. These are just a few tips that we can use to start our 2007 new year. Remember our bodies are God’s temple. We need to dedicate ourselves to eating better, and exercising so we can do God’s will with all that we have. Stay focused and let’s work our spirit, our minds and our bodies in 2007.

  7. Oh yes, I want to get on board and exercise too! Wendy, as a nurse you sure know how we need to save our backs, can you explain exercises that strengthen our back muscles?

  8. Thanks, Wendy, for a good start to our new regime. Those are some timely tips and in no time we should all be feeling Dy-no-mite and gaining in strength to do the Kingdom work.
    It’s great having a fitness coach to guide us along, together. How lovely of thedailylily to afford us this opportunity to work out with our bodies while we feed our spirits, as you suggest in your prologue!!
    Thanks Wendy, and thanks LILY!

  9. Debi, I know Landscaping is back breaking work. We need to do everything we can to help prevent injury. Each morning you should stretch your muscles. You need to drink plenty of water to help your body stay hydrated. Gatorade is wonderful to help replenish your electrolytes that’s is lost through sweat. Diabetics must be aware of the amount of sugar in sports drinks. Debi you can purchase some hand weights 5 or 10 pounds. I would start light and work your way up. Lay down flat start with elbows bent at a 90 degree angle slowly extend your arms out in front of you lining up with your chest and bring your arms back to starting position. This is one rep. You can do this 12 times. When you finish 12 reps you have completed one set. You can do two or three sets of 12 reps as you build up. Remember to start out slow. This exercise will work your chest muscles, your shoulders and your triceps. This is the same exercise as a bench press. Seated lat row. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Start with your elbows bent slightly behind back and hands are touching your side at chest level slowly extend arms straight out in front of you, level with the chest and flex elbows back to starting position. This is one rep. This exercise works your Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major which are back muscles and it works your rear deltoids and biceps which are shoulder and arm muscles. Remember you don’t have to use weights to do these exercises. You can start off without weights and build up to them. Good luck. Don’t forget to stretch before and after your exercises.

  10. Dorothy, there are many exercises that you can do for your shoulders. The bench press is a good one to do. I explained this in Debi’s response. You can start off with or without weights. You can use handweights 5 or 10 pounds to start with and work your way up slowly. Remember to stretch before and after you exercise.This exercise works your Pectoralis Major(chest muscle),Deltoids(shoulders)and triceps(back of arm).
    Wrist curls. Sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor. Bend and place your arm palm down and wrist hanging off of knee so you can move it. Slowly curl the back of your fists backward toward your forearms. Stop when wrists are 90 degrees from forearms or if you feel discomfort. Slowly return to starting position. This is one rep. You can do this 12 times. As you build your wrist strenghth you can increase your reps. Remember to stretch. Start off slow and work your way up.

  11. Rena, Way to go. This awesome. Walking is great. It’s not as hard on your joints as running. Keep up the good work. Wrist and ankle weights are wonderful. If you are just beginning, you might want to walk without weights and build up to them slowly. Great job Rena. Keep it up. Walk for Jesus!!!!!

  12. Needles, the best way to save your back is not to hurt it. Prevention of injury is the key. Most of back problems are the lower back. Stretching your back is important. Stretch before and after you exercise. A good back exercise is the Seal. Lay flat on the floor face down keeping your arms to your side and your legs straight. Slowly lift your shoulders up then bring your shoulders back to the floor. Do not use your arms to help you in this exercise. Just use your back. This exercise will work your Erector Spinae which is your lower back. This a wonderful exercise for your lower back. If you do any abdominal exercises you should do at least one back exercise. Back injuries are hard to recover from so lets prevent injury.

  13. Wendy, thanks for taking this time to address my question and explain the routine. I look forward to the benefits of following your directions. I also learned other things to do reading your comments to others’ fitness questions. Wow! We should all be healthier and stronger and accomplish more in 2007.

  14. Wendy, only hours before you answered us some of us made a trip to the Cheesecake Factory, ate pasta, cheesecake and more cheesecake. Then I insisted we walk around the mall taking a few extra steps. We sure talked about you a lot.

    Maybe our trying and just knowing you were going to incite us to do something we felt the good fear (Needles had blogged about) and tried.

    How are we doing?


  16. Wendy, thank you for the exercise…I am working on my wrists like you prescribed and the one where you lie on your back and raise your arms at the 90 degree angle….then I will try later the bench press..after I get my wrists and shoulders strong enough to hold my weight..(off my nose)because thats as far as Ill get right now if I try those bench nose to the floor..but one day..I will be strong enough and my wrists and shoulders will be even more strong because God needs His people to be strong and healthy to do the work He gives them…thank you for these exercises…

  17. WOW Jersey, you are way ahead of some of us. Do you have any hot tips of healthy foods and how how to get started and stick-to-itiveness?

    Hope we do get to retreat and tell our secrets and show off how good we look and feel. Best of luck as you go for the 8.

    And, hey DJ, looks like you are on Jersey’s heels. I hope for great success for you as well.

  18. I have just come back from physical therapist where Im recieving untra sound therapy(for fibroid tumors in foot)and one of the exercises that are being done to strengthen foot tendons and stregthen calf muscles and align the spine is to stand up straight and walk like tight rope walker..placing one heel down in front of the toes of the other foot making sure that the heel is firmly touching the toes while point the toes upwards as you feel the gentle tug in your calf and under the foot of your upraised toes…gentle lower the foot to the floor and place the next heel of the other foot firmly against the toes of the foot that is now on the floor..repeat across the floor and return….the distance was about 15 to 20 feet ….(they only had me do this twice to begin with)….dj

  19. Wendy, I have begun doing the excercises you recommended to me and feel some results already. Thanks. Also I agree with your suggestion of parking far away when doing shopping errands (and I try to walk fast).I always feel it helps, plus it doesn’t take much extra time and I can fit it into a busy schedule on days when I just can’t manage an ‘official’ walk. Thanks for helping us.

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