Passage John 1:5 KJV
St. John said, “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

How could it be possible that darkness DID NOT COMPREHEND LIGHT?
Is this still possible today?
Would this light be a point of reference for our work?
Can or should light be COMPREHENDED?
How does this statement make you feel? Does it have an affect on you?

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37 thoughts on “STUDY WITH SARA”

  1. 6 questions
    1. How could it be possible?…
    2. Is it still possible today?….yes
    3. Point of reference for our work?….Yes we are to be the light of the world….Matt.5;14-16…that they may ee your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven
    4. Can or should light be comprehended?…
    5. How does this statement make me feel?….
    6. Does it have an affect on me ?…yes it does…it causes me to think…I know I was in darkness before I accepted Christ in my heart…and there may be some areas that are still in me that are dark..but when the Word comes in there is light ..the darkness flees, leaves, is gone…so I wonder when the darkness leaves where ever it goes its still darkness and still does not comprehend, but the place it left now has comprehension…this is my understanding and the effect this statement is haveing on me….just a whole lot of questions pop up like Is there darkness in a person that will never comprehend?…Then I think God said with Him all things are possible …believeing/faith….Well..thats why we need each other because if Im dark in one area then the person who has light in that area can shine the light they have on it and both will be free!?….dj

  2. COMPREHEND: ” to include; to know; to understand.” (roget)
    So perhaps the “darkness” or those who operate in darkness refuse to KNOW the LIGHT and refuse to UNDERSTAND it, because they love darkness and the works of darkness better than allowing the LIGHT to come in and expose the corruption within their souls. Many who refuse the GOSPEL and the WORD of GOD are actually refusing to allow the light of TRUTH to set them free.
    How I feel about it is that if darkness is discerned within self, then I should be willing to face it, admit it and change it and allow the washing of the water of the WORD to cleanse me and to let the LIGHT of the GOSPEL TRUTH into that area of my soul and spirit, as DJ mentioned above.
    Is it possible that DARKNESS will never comprehend the LIGHT in some instances?
    The WORD says that “HELL hath increased her borders” so it is that some will NEVER yearn, seek, search for the TRUE LIGHT…but will be cast into unquenchable fire, because they loved the darkness and refused the LIGHT!

  3. It could be possible that darkness did not comprehend the light because light and darkness have no communion (I Cor 6:14).
    It is possible today to exist in a futile state of mind where your understanding is darkened (Eph 5:18).
    If there is darkness then the point of reference for work would be to find out what caused the darkness and to bring light to it with truth because truth is not dark.(Oh send out Your light and Your truth! Let them lead me. Ps 43:3)
    God is light and God is life and God is truth and in Him is no lying. Light can be comprehended when God enlightens our darkness with His truth (Ps 18:28).
    The statement makes me feel that if I am not comprehending God’s truths than there is darkness dwelling somewhere in me and I need to get free of it (that’s like what MG said above)if I am going to walk and live in the Spirit. Dorothy explained well above about needing one another’s light to come out of darkness. It makes me realize you can’t live in darkness and expect to

  4. Great study from all! Gary had an interesting thought to jog my thoughts as usual!!!! “It didn’t overwhelm it.” This would take another time and blog. The Light didn’t overwhelm the darkness. ‘Free choice’, one thought of mine since we surely have it, ie free choice.

    But, I want to approach the light/dark from this angle: (comprehend; to grasp mentally;) Is this possible to grasp The light with the mind? Or is the phrase ‘the light just went off in my mind’ not a true statement?

    I like the city because I like ‘city lights’…This has always been in my being even though growing up in the country I didn’t see city lights except in my inner being.

    When we would and still do drive down a country road at night it is dark, real dark most nights. Our car lights would only shed light on a short distance. Bright beams helped but not much more to my way of thinking. Then if another car is coming in your direction you must once again dim your lights so you will not blind the other and likewise they must do the same. Then I got my desire and arrived and saw much to my delight ‘city lights.” Lights everywhere. Much light in darkness. But, after many years I still realize their is still darkness even with all the light. To my way of thinking I still like city lights compared to dark road lights.

    As you can see I am still reflecting from all your thoughts and trying to answer the above questions from above.

  5. Maybe this might be some of the answer…maybe….ok..In john 1;1 it says the light was the life of men and the light shineth in darkness and the drkness overcame it not …or comprehended it not….How could it be possible that the darkness comprehended it not…darkness here I believe is death spiritual..and death knows no life/light..and in mankind there was nothing but darkness/spiritual death…there was however those that the anointing had been on which God used to help bring forth that Light/Life….and to anounce and prepare the way ,but the darkness being total opposite from light one cant comprehend the other its a gulf between like Heaven and Hell ……could this be on the track of the answer?….dj

  6. I thought of Saul/Paul…He thought he had the light but he was in darkness (I got this from Acts that Gary has just taught on)and while he was in that darkness he was destroying those who walked in the light,,so Im understanding he didnt comprehend the light…until he was shown by Christ Jesus just how blind and in the dark he really was….so it seems that it takes a miracle or divine happening for darkness in a person to become light or rather to make the darkness go in order for the light to shine in….??…dj

  7. Gary’s right about the scientific fact that the darkness can’t overwhelm the light, for even a small match struck in LARGE darkness will move some of that darkness. Whereas even though these is gross darkness it can’t physically overpower & cast out the light no matter how small that light might be.
    But it still comes back, altho Sara didn’t want to pursue this angle just yet, that when the LIGHT “comes on in my mind” could mean that a truth, or a fact or a connection was suddenly percieved and an UNDERSTANDING arrived…not that one SAW a physical light…a 40 watt or 60 watt bulb but the dawning (light?) of understanding, comprehension came.
    Then again, we must make a distinction between light that the eye SEES and LIGHT that the mind grasps. And to see with the physical eye while parallel to “seeing with the mind’s eye or the spiritual eye” still contains a distinction between the two even if the same terms are used and one works in the physical and the other metaphysical.
    KEEP DIGGING. We’ve only just begun!!!

  8. I am wondering if Dorothy may have an answer here. She said ‘maybe it takes a miracle or divine happening for darkness in a person to become light.’ I thought of the incident in Luke 24:13-32 where Christ appeared to and spoke to two men on the road to Emmaus after he had been resurrected. Though they seemed to know all about Him they didn’t KNOW Him (MG said above that comprehend meant to know)because “their eyes were restrained”. They were in the dark. If their eyes were restrained, meaning prevented from seeing, than I wonder what prevented them from comprehending that this was the Christ the Light of the world…the darkness?
    The story in Luke goes on and Jesus expounds to them a long while. Here He is, THE LIGHT of the world, talking to them and they still don’t comprehend. Then He sits at the table with them and breaks bread, blesses it and gives it to them. Finally the light bulb comes on and “then their eyes were opened and they knew Him…”. This looks like a ‘divine happening’ to me. What (who) else could have given them this sight?

  9. With my big fat black eye right now I am not reading real well. 🙂 But, I do want to jump in on conversation and think about Saul/Paul being blinded on the road to Damascus.

    Also Elisha, the prophet in these two stories: II King 613-17 and 6:13-17. First opens servant’s eyes and second story strikes Syrian army with blindness. As well as in Deuteronomy 28:28,29 blindness caused by disobedience.

    I guess to make it simple one could say “Darkness saw the light but would not embrace it.”

  10. In Genesis it says God spoke: “Light!” And light appeared. God saw that light was good and separated light from dark. God named the light Day, he named the dark Night. It was evening, it was morning – Day One. It seems to me that Darkness can not comprehend light as it has no communion with light as Debi said. In science my students learn about photosynthesis which takes light and water and makes food for the plant which we in turn eat. In darkness a plant does not have a chance. Without light a plant can not make food as it takes light to do that. You might say we are a plant which when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive the LIGHT and are given good soil (Word of God we dwell in) to grow become strong plants which then we in turn share our fruits and the LIGHT given us and cause others to pierce the darkness as they grow in the LIGHT of the Lord and are fed by His words. As my Sunday School students sing, THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, I’m going to let it shine. May each of us pierce the darkness as we stand for Jesus. Shine on, shine one Daily Lilies.

  11. Here’s a QUESTION: Can darkness ever be a good thing?. Jesus said “unless a corn of wheat fall into the earth, the ground, and die, it cannot produce fruit.” It falls into darkness. (John 12:24) What shall we do with “this darkness”?

  12. And what shall we say about this Scripture? “I saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven.” (Luke 10:18) or this Scripture…”Even satan is transformed into an angel of light” (Paul 2Cor.11:14)
    But The Lord Jesus’s words shed a lot of LIGHT on the subject of light: (Matt.6:22) The eye (conscience) is the light of the body. So if your light that is within you (your conscience) is whole, sound, then your body will be full of light. (Gary’s proposition of the unity of the spirit, soul & body). HOWEVER, If your eye, the light of your conscience, is unsound and not whole, then THE VERY LIGHT WITHIN YOU IS DARKENED and HOW DENSE IS THAT DARKNESS!!” I guess Jesus was saying….some “light” is darkness, especially if it is OUR OWN LIGHT by which we try to find our way or try to show others, or judge others!!!
    Sara remarked something in explaining approaching headlights and high beams on a dark country road. She said that our headlamps is the light we have and that we see through the darkness with. The approaching vehicle has lights by which they see through the darkness. If we refuse to “back off” and insist on shining our penetrating lights to try to overcome the other’s light, and vice versa, we utimately blind one another with our lights. And you know what Jesus said about the blind leading the blind. They both fall into the ditch.
    So she said (in pracitcal language) that when one approaches us who has a greater light (truth) or more than what we have or it extends beyond our knowledge bank, we should acquiesce to that light of truth and (this is my interpretation of what she was teaching)… honor that light, learn from it and appropriate the truth of it to add to our bank of light and truth.
    Now that’s true enlightenment!

  13. In that same vein of “self-light”. in Matt.10:20, Jesus sort of corroborates that idea when HE prays, “I thank You Father in Heaven, that You have CONCEALED these precious things, (relating to Salvation) from the “wise” and “understanding ones” and the “learned”…(those wise in their OWN light) and have revealed them (truths) to the Child-like, unskilled and untaught.
    So it seems that The Lord God reveals great things to those who will diminish their own light to receive the Light of Truth. If your own light is blinding you from seeing TRUE LIGHT, HOW GREAT IS THAT BLINDNES!

  14. MG you asked if darkness could ever be a good thng? It seems physical darkness (like your corn of wheat verse)is a necessary thing for certain plant functions to occur. I know if poinsettias don’t get 12-14 hours of uninterrupted darkness for approximately eight weeks that they won’t bloom for Christmas. But I can’t find any scriptures where spiritual darkness is good. I did wonder in I Kings 8:12 why God dwelled in a dark cloud? And why He made darkness His secret place (Ps 18:11)? Any answers?

  15. Yeah, Debi. I have thought often about those verses which say that darkness is His secret place; He dwells in darkness;, etc. I was wondering, like I think I wrote on the blog previously, that when I am driving directly due east in the a.m. the sun is so bright that without sunglasses the brightness is blinding and everything around me, the other cars, the roadside seems almost dark because of the direct glare of the sun. Ps. 97 says a similar thing, also.
    The KJV translates the word Darkness as “CLOUD” And that would make sense (if we think we could figure God out) that God dwells in the GLORY CLOUD the Shekinah GLORY and that is translated in the Old English, Darkness….I suppose, as opposed to sunshine???
    Sara, Gary !!!! HELP!~~~

  16. I was thinking on all that has been said MG and Debi about God and the darkness of clouds…well trying not to go too far from the questions about darkness comprehending the light… seems that since God is light and there is no darkness in Him…He is Soooo bright with the light that He is…that even the light around Him appears as darkness….and we see the dark clouds because He is So bright……….(I guess thats why sin shows up so clear too)..Saul/Paul…Even the light Saul had was darkness and He was seen as blind and in darkness when He came face to face head on with the Living Light Jesus….The light and life that is Jesus caused even the light the Saul had appear for what it truly was….darkness….and until Saul walked in the light that was provided he would have remained Saul and in the dark…but he walked in the light and became Paul….so it seems that when the light comes to the darkness it is given a choice welcome it and comprehend it or be destroyed by it…..?dj

  17. “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

    The Light shines in darkness and the darkness does not understand it, neither can the darkness extinguish it. It is The Light that shines in our darkness to lighten our own darkness and to guide us. We do not need to know or understand it or even know where it is going to take us. Just follow it.

    I love the computer and all the vast knowledge it can give me in minutes, really seconds. When I think back on a little book mobile driving up to my house as a little girl compared to my Apple computer, WOW! I knew I loved the little book mobile. It was light and sheer delight. I loved the smell, I loved holding the books, I loved reading the books, I loved having the books read to me. I loved having others read and then tell me the story. I loved hearing and giving book reports. What good did it do me? I don’t know. I am not able to comprehend this Light. What good does my vast access to knowledge on my computer do? I don’t comprehend it. What good does reading my Bible, a lamp for my feet and light for my path? I don’t know, I am unable to comprehend it but I must follow the light. Darkness only gives darkness. But Light gives light and changes my darkness.

    As mentioned above in “unless a corn of wheat fall into the earth, the ground, and die, it cannot produce fruit.” “What must one do with this darkness?” I would say give it your darkness and you will produce much fruit but you may not comprehend it. Do we need to make it a provable fact, no, that is not totally possible. The Light is Eternal!

  18. How could it be possible that darkness DID NOT COMPREHEND LIGHT? It is Eternal

    Is this still possible today? yes

    Would this light be a point of reference for our work? Yes, we call The Light, Jesus, shining guidance through others. Maybe a Billy Graham, Baseball prayer, Mom or Dad.

    Can or should light be COMPREHENDED? no… some call it Faith

    How does this statement make you feel? Does it have an affect on you? Yes, it has a great affect on me. It gives me a freedom to be, go and do. As I meet others, speak to others, read about others I believe by faith I am lessened in darkness and glowing with light. For The Light is shining in my darkness and I may not and do not need to comprehend it.

    I thank each of you for participating in this class. You each have given me light through your teaching and insturction and I have tried to take the quiz as given.  How did I do? Sure hope I passed!

  19. I think you did quite wonderful…espcially since you put together words that helped me to see even my attempted answers better…..I guess one could say your light lit my darkness …..:)dj

  20. I was struggling for a long time with this ….MG and Sara …you both were writing about a grain of wheat falling into the ground and dying… and MG asked I believe”What must one do with this darkness?”…and Sara responded by saying “give it your darkness and you will produce much fruit,but you may not comprehend it”….well….welll…I struggled and finally got it….Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars and unto God that which it Gods….if you got darkness give it to darkness so that there is nothing left but light….then you can bare much fruit…right?!

  21. Well, Sara, you did a great job especially when you reached the revelatory truth…..TRUE LIGHT IS FOR ETERNITY. Dark light will be extinguished and perish. But TRUE LIGHT will go on for eternity….to infinity…forever and ever there will be another revelation of the magnitude of our GOD. It will never come to an end. OH HALLELUJAH!!!
    Your answer, THROUGH AND “BY FAITH” (that which BELIEVES tho it sees it not at the present) you are piercing the darkness because you are ACTING as though those things that are hoped for, ALTHOUGH NOT YET SEEN, really are SO!
    You have scored an A+ on this test.

  22. DJ, that was a good thought, to give unto Ceasar that which belongs to Ceasar and to God the things which are GOD’S. And since the “CEASAR SYSTEM” represents the world system, give up one’s darkness to IT and make way within oneself for the LIGHT OF THE KINGDOM of GOD…the GOVERNMENT which is on the shoulders of CHRIST.
    Now we know that in Heaven there is NO DARKNESS. It cannot exist because the LAMB is the LIGHT.And that LIGHT drives out corruption. There is no need for the sun of nature because JESUS CHRIST IS THE LAMP of HEAVEN. So any darkness of understanding will be illuminated in HEAVEN and we will advance throughout eternity adding light unto light, revelation unto revelation, glory unto glory.

  23. BUt what do ye with these scriptures? “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil’ THAT PUT DARKNESS FOR LIGHT AND LIGHT FOR DARKNESS” (Is. 5:21) OR:
    “Hear ye, indeed but ye understand not, and see ye, indeed but perceive not. Make the heart of this people fat and make their ears heavy and shut their eyes, lest they should SEE and HEAR and UNDERSTAND with their heart and be converted?” (Is. 6:9)
    What is the LORD GOD saying?

  24. I think Sara passed the test.The answers seemed right. Her answer about comprehension helped me see more light and truth. When she said we don’t need to comprehend it, just follow the light… That to me was like just follow the directions…I may not understand them but that’s not necessary…just follow them and experience the results.

  25. I have enjoyed this study. Yesterday in my Sunday school class the children’s keynote verse which they are to memorize and which their lesson was centered on was
    Psa 119:105. Thy word [is] a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. In this lesson the students learned that we do not need to go through life uninstructed (walk in darkness). We don’t have to try and read God’s mind as we have a textbook with all the instructions we could ever need. As we walk through life we can use God’s instruction manual the Bible to guide our steps (in truth and light). As some of the children said following the instructions are not always easy but they are their to guide them. They saw through a number of scriptures that there are a lot of instructions and that they will have to do a lot more study to understand them. Yes we do not fully comprehend all that God has given us through His scriptures but we choose to walk in the light. It seems that it is in the walking and studying his word that God reveals his scriptures more and more.

  26. Right on, Sunday School children’s class. Some of my favorite things, children’s Sunday School and children’s Bibles and children’s books. The Word instructs us to become like little children in order to learn. They learn easy but we (adults) fall hard. I think it is quite difficult to have the simplicity of learning like a child. Seems like the root of faith is in a child.

    This brings me to the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. What is the monster prince part of ourselves? I still have darkness but I’m not alone because Christ is walking right beside me in my darkness with a little flashlight shining light on the path.

    Rena, so happy that you love children and teach them in school as a vocation. But, more importantly in my way of thinking you teach Sunday School and give them the love of Christ and there is no place this His love cannot go.

  27. “And why He made darkness His secret place (Ps 18:11)? Any answers?” quote from Debi’s comment above.

    Isn’t this scripture in Psalm talking about a war story and ‘darkness secret place’ much like that of camouflage? I think God is once again revealing His power and majesty.

  28. Perhaps because HE is covered in CLOUDS of SHEKINAH GLORY the word “clouds” are translated “DARKNESS” as opposed to SUNSHINE.?????

  29. How does the picture above make one feel about light shinning in darkness? Maybe this is the darkness in which He made His secret place.

  30. Yes. it is a possibility. Debi mentioned in the Psalms, that He makes the darkness His secret abode as written in (Ps 18:11) I guess we’re blinded by the LIGHT.
    Also, Sara mentioned BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Now that is right up my alley because I love fairy tales and especially musical fairy tales. But, as Sara pointed out, “there is some beast in all of us.” Well then, CHRIST must be the gallant PRINCE Who comes to Kiss us awake to our enlightenment.

  31. I like the illustration Sara uses above of Jesus holding the flashlight to light our path. It makes me think that Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”Ps 119:105. If you really think about it…that you are walking at night in darkness down an unlit path and yet the darkness is in you like the Beast…so ugly and hard to bear and even look at…yet Jesus is beside you, loving you, even there in that darkness to help you go forward. ‘Where can I go from Your Spirit?..if I say surely the darkness shall fall on me even the night shall be light about me. Indeed the darkness shall not hide from You…” Ps 139:7-12

  32. Sara you asked how does this picture above make one feel about light shinning in the darkness?….its like..being changed from glory to glory…also …Christ in (us/darkness)the Hope of Glory..(deep thinking here)..Im thinking the human body/dark clouds flesh…and yet the King of Kings has made this His dwelling place…know ye not ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost…beauty and the beast…?…dj

  33. ” Beauty and the Beast” This is a wonderful story to me. It first makes me realize that one does not have to be worthy to serve. One just has to be willing to accept responsibility and commitment. This means to me you have to accept others just as they are. Again, it is not about us but about serving others. The elder sisters in the story reminds me of today and myself looking for value in clothes, things and the mind set of being entitled to it.

    I have a lot to say about this story but I guess I will just stop and ask myself this question:

    I am a little???overweight and have plenty of food to eat. The children of a large part of the world are starving. Am I so entitled to this food because I am so worthy and they are not? I can throw food down the garbage disposal, talk about it over the dinner table as it is the Beast of my life. Diet from it and then overindulge again.

    Beauty understood that this was not mine by any rights of mine. It means privilege and privilege means accepting responsibility. ??? Sure, God can feed the starving and He can sure do it without me and I go on being the beast of food. Or, I can can be the one to offer myself in the place of the horrifying beast and give the kiss of caring to others and they can be released to become the prince God meant for them to be. Then the Spirit of God begins to move all over the world.

    Bottom line, there sure is a lot of light (privileges) shining on me and I comprehend (not taking responsibility for) it not.

  34. Sara all night I thought on this and also on the quote for the week….I knew the two went together the quote and this beauty/beast study response but just could not find the words to pull together….and there it is “give the kiss of caring to others and they can be released to become…”…whew!…shining on me and I not take responsiblilty for it…YOU AMAZE me ….with the journey you take us through as the answer gets revealed…and we come to the bottom line…will it be done

  35. (continuing)..will it be done…will the responsiblilty be taken …You, Sara, really make one dig…and you really help pull ones’ thoughts

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