2 Corinthians 10:6 “… being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is filled.”


The Apostle Paul is quite bold in speaking to the church in this chapter. And, out of the boldness of his pen comes this charge to the Body of Christ. Now, that you know, understand and practice OBEDIENCE, from here on declare war on DISOBEDIENCE!

I am so looking forward to your bold pen helping us to understand and have the knowledge on how to do this. How to punish all DISOBEDIENCE! How to Win The War on this order.

I am listing of few of my thought questions as I journey with each of you for answers.

1) Does this mean that once you have been delivered from your inner weaknesses which made you disobedient in the first place, then you must maintain an alertness to deal promptly with any return of these things?

2) Do you think it could mean now that you know to love never ever let hate happen again? Change your ignorance to knowledge? Delete apathy from your computer and program- in your services, your mercy and your grace.

3) Paul speaks about bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ in verse 5 of this chapter, could we be thinking ourselves larger than our call? If so, would this bring about disobedience to our call while thinking we are obedient.

4) We have been studying in the last few blog studies just how important commitment is. How do you think commitment compares to obedience? And, disobedience to rebellion?

5) Do you think we need this kind of training (picture below) to ‘punish all disobedience?’


6) Maybe Paul is telling me to kick disobedience out of others? Could this be? Maybe when we discipline our children, live a life of obedience as an example to others, disobedience will go because we have punished it.

Lilies, help is needed before we start those high kicks, don’t you think?