“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”
2 Corinthians 5:7

We have heard a lot in the recent years about Co-Dependence. I understand with a thumbnail snapshot that this means ‘one seeks to find their sense of self from someone other that the God image that is within them.’ They look to a person they can see, hear, touch and feel their pain and emotions to find their self worth. When the other person is no longer in there life or have no further need of their support they have no sense of worth.

“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Our two scriptures give us a sense of our future as well as our NOW! Quite the opposite of how I understand Co-Dependence to work. When we take our substance from a negative force of another or any force other than God we are always in need. When we ingest our substance from God we are not always looking for another to give us our self worth, our confidence and our highs. We could go even deeper and say neither should they give us our lows.

I understand that at times some of us want gratification ‘NOW’, we are not in the pattern of things hoped for or things not seen. There are others of us trying to find our self-worth in what we possess or hope to possess soon.

When God gives us gifts and talents, and He does, we may place them neatly on the top shelf or our ‘cluttered closets’ or in our attics waiting for the right time or place to use them. We fail to use our Faith, employ our Hope and use them in coalesce with the substance of, I am hopeful, and I am joyful, and I am full of love, while believing as I put my gifts to work that I am walking by faith and not by sight. Yet, it’s not I that lives but Christ that lives in me and the life that I now live I live by Faith in the Son of God. God sees and loves and desires and completes His work on earth as I use the gift He gave me be it large or small.

What things are we hoping for that we haven’t yet seen?
How do you walk by Faith and not by sight? What is your story?
When your story comes to pass, will it be part of God’s creative action in the world because it has come through the gift He gave you and only as you walk with Him and seek Him, His ways, His heart will you see it?
Does it help to keep a blindfold on like the little girl in our photo?