Wilma, one of our bloggers from Washington State made Piggy and Piglet and mailed to me. What beautiful, interesting, and funny little things.

I am just so amazed how God has given Wilma such an interesting and fun talent. She takes her talent and uses with a ‘God given gift of giving’ and gives to me. She gives as well to many many others.

I knew this was of God when it was a cold rainy day in Virginia and it sure was a good day to be encouraged. What made this even more interesting to me was the fact that another one of our bloggers had emailed me and told me to draw a pig and she would explain later.

Well, I drew the pig and then I received these two pigs (Piggy and Piglet) and then the call to explain about my ‘picture pig’ came later in evening. WOW! The Holy Spirit guiding and directing our gifting(s) is just beyond our knowing and imagination. Or, was it an Angel?

The two bloggers knew nothing, absolutely nothing about what the other was doing. They do not know each other and they live many miles apart. From the East Coast to the West Coast!

How does the Holy Spirit do this? Does God give us talents and gifts? Does He make us use them? Does He make us use them timely? Where and how are we to use them? Is there a difference between talents and gifts? Was this just a coincidence that ‘pigs’ all showed up at my house the same day to make me smile, to bring a little joy! Maybe to teach me a lesson!

The Word of God has lots to say about our talents and our gifts. Let’s dig in and study and help one another as well as ourselves understand and hopefully use our gifts and talents more wisely. Rena, has a poem “Caretaker Pam” that she wrote years ago but has just published on The Daily Lily. Does that also speak to the issues we are studying here? Lets make our studying of God’s Word fun and joyful and our face will shine like the light of the SON!

A Gift from A Talent

my pig light and Bee Bobble Head from my friend, Chickenfarmer.

Note:Needles informed me that from the way I drew my pig I was ‘positive and optimistic. And, I am very optimistic that all of us that blog here will be multi-talented and multi blessed in every-way and everyday.