Study with Sara-A gift from A Talent

Wilma, one of our bloggers from Washington State made Piggy and Piglet and mailed to me. What beautiful, interesting, and funny little things.

I am just so amazed how God has given Wilma such an interesting and fun talent. She takes her talent and uses with a ‘God given gift of giving’ and gives to me. She gives as well to many many others.

I knew this was of God when it was a cold rainy day in Virginia and it sure was a good day to be encouraged. What made this even more interesting to me was the fact that another one of our bloggers had emailed me and told me to draw a pig and she would explain later.

Well, I drew the pig and then I received these two pigs (Piggy and Piglet) and then the call to explain about my ‘picture pig’ came later in evening. WOW! The Holy Spirit guiding and directing our gifting(s) is just beyond our knowing and imagination. Or, was it an Angel?

The two bloggers knew nothing, absolutely nothing about what the other was doing. They do not know each other and they live many miles apart. From the East Coast to the West Coast!

How does the Holy Spirit do this? Does God give us talents and gifts? Does He make us use them? Does He make us use them timely? Where and how are we to use them? Is there a difference between talents and gifts? Was this just a coincidence that ‘pigs’ all showed up at my house the same day to make me smile, to bring a little joy! Maybe to teach me a lesson!

The Word of God has lots to say about our talents and our gifts. Let’s dig in and study and help one another as well as ourselves understand and hopefully use our gifts and talents more wisely. Rena, has a poem “Caretaker Pam” that she wrote years ago but has just published on The Daily Lily. Does that also speak to the issues we are studying here? Lets make our studying of God’s Word fun and joyful and our face will shine like the light of the SON!

A Gift from A Talent

my pig light and Bee Bobble Head from my friend, Chickenfarmer.

Note:Needles informed me that from the way I drew my pig I was ‘positive and optimistic. And, I am very optimistic that all of us that blog here will be multi-talented and multi blessed in every-way and everyday.


18 thoughts on “Study with Sara-A gift from A Talent”

  1. Sara Ive printed this blog off so that I can study and dig, but I just wanted to say these are gorgeous, they are ready to cook up something special….what a handiwork of wonder you have Wilma…dj

  2. Sara, I researched the two words, “gift(ed) and Talent” and they are often used interchangeably . HOWEVER, it is most interesting to find that under the meaning of talent is the word “genius” And “genius” means spirit, soul inspiration, divine creativity” which leads me to believe that the “TALENT or GIFT” with which a person has been endowed is of divine source, for divine purpose and plan.
    (Roget Int.) Expanding the meaning of Gift/talent, we find…. ability, intelligence, skill. I would imagine that the divine gift given a person will only be manifested if that person WORKS the gift for the purpose that the Lord intended. So we can have skills and gifts and talents and abilities but if we do not use them or if we ABUSE them then we are going against the Scripture where Paul tells Timothy, (1Tim 4:14), “Do not neglect the gift that is within you, that special inward endowment which was imparted to you by Holy Spirit by prophetic utterance when the elders laid their hands upon you…”

  3. Wilma, your creations are just precious. But I think the tail of your piggies was copied from the newest member of blog family…..JD O’Pugsley, for he has the exact same tail as your little piglets. What a coincidence????????

  4. Sara your pigs are really cute Wilma sent you. They look almost like Rena’s cute little pug she brought down and showed me. The only advantage you have over Rena is your pigs will stay in one place all day were her little one will move around the house to see what he can get into.

  5. Hi Connie, you are right my piggies are just perfect. Rena being a good teacher will have a lot of work to do to discipline and train her little pug, Pugsley.

    Connie, we always love to see you on The Daily Lily, you sure have a gift of communicating and bringing a little smile to our face.

  6. Dear Connie you are so correct in saying my J.D. O’Pugsley will move around the house to see what he can get into. He found that if he spring jumps he can get his body in and out of areas to difficult for him to attain otherwise. I remember reading a book years ago to my sons entitled, The Pokey Little Puppy”. He certainly makes that title a reality. ‘ll keep in mind that you volunteered to babysit. Thanks. Rena

  7. Yes, Connie! Rena will be regaling us with stories about her new baby pug and all his antics. I guess he’ll be driving in another few months or so. Tsk Tsk. These new parents!!!

  8. But truthfully, when you gaze upon this marvelous little creature and note the way that he has been fashioned, his little nature, temperament and disposition and little PUG habits that we recognize as such, one really has to realize and be grateful to the awesomeness of a great Creator God Who intelligently fashioned such a little bundle for our pleasure and for HIS. What a delight!
    Thank You Lord God for Pugs and other precious “best friends” to humanity!

  9. I am listing scriptures and list of spiritual gifts for our review. Hope we can all identify ourselves and the gifting(s) of others in the Body of Christ. Let us encourage one another in our gifts and talents as we use them for His Body:

    Eph. 4:11, Rom. 12:3-7, and 1 Cor. 12:1-12,28,

    … Ministry (office) gifts: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.
    …Motivational (practical) gifts: Service, Exhortation, Giving, Leadership, Mercy, Helps and Administration.
    … Charismatic (spiritual) gifts: Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment, Prophecy, Tongues, Interpretation, Faith, Healing and Miracles.

  10. Wilma’s talent of handcrafting these two precious pigs even illustrates the uniqueness of our giftings and talents…each a pig, yet each uniquely different. As I read from the scriptures Sara gave us above in I Cor 12….one person may be the eye, another the foot, and someone else the ear of the body…but we are all important and needed if the body is to be healthy and useful. And just as body parts, directed by the brain have to work in unison for the body to move and function, it was great to see the two bloggers directed by the Holy Spirit move so timely.

  11. Sara Im back…to answer the questions.(1)..How does The Holy Spirit do this? He is called to be the Helper, so he can orchestrate two peoples comings and goings as they are yeilded to Him, to accomplish a task.
    (2) Does God give us talents and gifts? Yes
    (3)Does He make us use them? We either use them or abuse them and can possibly lose them.
    (4) Does He make use of them timely? We are to use them timely or we miss the opportunity of blessing someone at the needed moment and miss that blessing ourselves.
    (5)Where and how are we to use them?.As the Lord leads and for the building up of the body of Christ..the lost ..hurting…the needy etc.
    (6) Is there a difference between talents and gifts? Yes..Talent is the means through which the gift flows and the Gift is the substance,essence, the motivating force behind it…such as according to Romans 12:6-16 Mercy, Helps, compassion, giving, prophecy, minister, teacher…..The talent could be …sewing, cooking, dancing, playing piano, writing, speaking,…
    (7) coincident? no That was a plan of God to bring you joy:-)

  12. Thanks Dorothy for the words of encouragement. I really like the good answer that my joy was not just any happening but God’s plan to bring me joy.

    Jeremiah says God has a plan for our lives and it is for good. When we use our God given gifts to edify, build-up and encourage our plans can really be seen and felt, don’t you think?

  13. I want to make an honorable mention of my friend, Chickenfarmer!!! I forgot that 2 years ago chickenfarmer gave me for Christmas a little pink key chain light that is a PIG! I have it hanging like as a bling-bling on my Franklin Covey calender and as I travel so goes my pig. It helps me to see when I can’t see my little dates and appointments. It also squeaks when the light comes on.

    I know Chickefarmer just wants me to know and remember ‘HOG heaven’ is having such wonderful gifted friends!

  14. I read one of the scriptures that Sara had asked us to study for this blog. I chose Romans 12, but I read down to verse 8. Read verses 3-8 with me: “Because of the privilege and authority God has given me, I give each of you this warning: Don’t think you are better than you really are. Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us. Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you. If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well. If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.”

    Now listen to the footnotes in my Bible regarding verses 6-8. “Look at this list of gifts and imagine the kinds of people who would have each gift. Prophets are often bold and articulate. Servers are faithful and loyal. Teachers are clear thinkers. Encouragers know how to motivate others. Givers are generous and trusting. Leaders are good organizers and managers. Those who show kindness are caring people who are happy to give their time to others. It would be difficult for one person to embody all these gifts. An assertive prophet would not usually make a good counselor, and a generous giver might fail as a leader. When you identify your own gifts (and this list is far from complete), ask how you can use them to build up God’s family. At the same time, realize that your gifts can’t do the work of the church all alone. Be thankful for people whose gifts are completely different from yours. Let your strengths balance their weaknesses, and be grateful that their abilities make up for your deficiencies. Together you can build Christ’s church.”

    One never knows what joy, outcome, or plan that will take place, when a person will use their gift, to the glory of God. Thank you, Father for giving us all wonderful gifts, help us to use them, so that the body of Christ, will not be deficient, in any area.

  15. Needles..I just love it when you ask us to read with you…I always look forward to your answers because they go straight to my heart and I really can understand what is being shared….everything is so clear and orderly…it paints such a wonderfully simple but honest picture for my brain to see……:-)dj

  16. Thanks for the challenge Needles. I agree with Dorothy your comments have helped to clarify some of our gift(s) and the challenge you have sent forth to each of us to evaluate ourselves. Also not to think we are better than we are.

    I would say our evaluation would shine from A to failing by the benefits others are receiving from our gifts.

  17. God blesses all of us with gifts and talents. When we combine our gifts and talents with others, the blessings flow. We are all part of the body of Christ. Each one of us unique and handcrafted by the hand of God. When one is not focused and using their talents, the body isn’t as strong at that moment. The rest of the body has to overcompensate. We must all work hard using our gifts and talents for the Lord Jesus Christ daily. Thanks for sharing these beautiful gifts and talents. Nice Pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Needles what you shared from Rom.12:3-8 that spoke about evaluating yourself….well I sat down and tried to do just that… so I wanted to share it….from the Daily Lily’s Farming Spiritual Retreat 06 (Dance of Healing)I found I had no real love not for others, not for myself and that was traumatic for me but that’s what the retreat was about, you find whats wrong, and what’s missing and carry out what was learned and you’ll see results…for me that was love and, I see I do speak more and share more and am able to participate more in conversations because its a real love. I want to share and help because I can see inside… I have a gift that God placed in me to be a help…and that’s with all of me, speaking, doing, working with my hands…and From the Daily Lily ‘Throwing your light forward’ retreat 07 (friendship, fellowship, and relationship) I can see more growth has occurred…I’m speaking more and sharing and from that a fellowship has formed between a teacher and myself where we share what we learned in the Word every time we see each other….and it’s very uplifting for us and those around….the evaluation continues, because the growth continues………thank you, Sara, for this blog….it makes one to really think…dj

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