Praying Pretzels

Have any of you made these? Thought it might be good idea with the football playoffs and Super Bowl XLII coming up? Also ,a great idea for snacks for our church gatherings . Children as well as adults love them.

Pretzels were first made by monks who gave them as rewards to children who had learned their prayers. The special twisted shape looks like the folded arms of a child praying. The word pretzel means reward.

Praying Pretzels
• 2 loaves (16oz) frozen whole wheat bread dough, thawed
• 1 egg white
• 1 tsp water
• Coarse salt, optional

1. Thaw dough in refrigerator overnight.
2. Roll into 24 balls (12 each loaf).
3. Roll into ropes and shape into pretzels by forming a knot and looping ends through.
4. Place 1 inch apart on well greased cookie sheet.
5. Let stand 20 minutes.
6. Combine egg whites with water and brush on pretzels.
7. Sprinkle with salt and bake at 350F for 20 minutes.

7 thoughts on “Praying Pretzels

  1. I did not know this about pretzels….now when I see a bag of them I will think of children praying……..and pray for them…..thanks…dj

  2. I have never made them but your recipe looks great and I like the whole wheat dough part. Bet they are good to eat when warm. Thanks for letting us know the meaning behind them.

  3. Chickenfarmer, I remember @our last retreat ’07, Dorothy made some chocolate dip pretzels for all of us. Maybe your pretzel should be our aim for ’08 retreat.

    I remember all the little boys (my buddies) just loved them and wanted more. Interesting to see how they were first used to reward children to learn their prayers.

    Thanks for reminding us to pray and reminding the children to learn their prayers. I have my crystal Globe, crystal Bible that you and Needles gave me for Christmas and my crystal Cross my son, Jon, gave me as well as my porcelain Tiger Lily my son, Chris, gave me,to remind me to pray God’s Word for the World.

    I am thankful to The Holy Spirit for teaching me all things and bringing to my remembrance through each of you “things I need to do.”

    Chickenfarmer, don’t forget to give me a pretzel!

  4. Pretzels are Prizes! How appropriate! Thanks for the easy-do recipe, Chickenfarmer. I also like them dipped in hot melted cheddar or Velveeta cheese. Um mm good!

  5. I want to know, who likes mustard on their pretzels and who would rather eat a pretzel with cinnamon, sugar, and icing??

  6. Needles, I don’t think I have tried pretzels either of the ways you asked about but I wouldn’t mind participating in a taste test…both sound interesting. I have only had them with chocolate (like DJ made) and w/ salt.

  7. Thank you Chickenfarmer for sharing your recipe. I remember at Easter making pretzels with my Sunday School class. I would read them the story “Easter from a Bird’s View” and then we would color Easter Eggs and make pretzels. We made the pretzels (representing prayers) because the monks of long ago also thought they depicted Lent. The pretzels were given out to people the 40 days of Lent.

    Needles I like pretzels with mustard.

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