Interceding for others is truly an honor. But for some reason, I became even more aware of this privilege at our weekly church service at Christ Church Int’l. this week. I saw just how much of an honor and privilege it truly is to intercede and pray for others.

I was introduced to prayer, at a very young age by my mother. When I went to my grandmother’s house in Oklahoma at the age of three, she would have me hold her hands between my small hands and pray before she would eat her meals. Without my prayer, she would not eat. At the time she was dying of cancer.

I continued to pray throughout childhood to adulthood and beyond knowing Jesus heard and answered. My grandmother and mother had firmly planted within me how important prayer was. But today I realized that as I held my grandmother’s hands long ago, Jesus is holding my hands as I pray and it is through the holding hands with Jesus that I am able to pray for others.

That’s really cool. What a joy to pray and be so close to Jesus that He helps me pray for all that He places on my heart.
Thank you JESUS for intercession. What a gift!

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