by Mac Anderson August 1992. Derrick Redmond from Great Britain was covered to win the 400-meter race during the summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. But as he powered around the backstretch his hamstring snapped. Derrick tried desperately to finish the race, but he still had half the distance to go. Because he could’t walk, he began to hop. One step-a grimace, Two steps-a yell.


Jim Redmond had to get to his struggling son. He doesn’t remember all the steps down from Section 131, Row 22, Seat 25 of the Olympic Stadium. He doesn’t really remember leaping over the railing or pushing off security guards who were too stunned to stop him, He was not just a spectator at Olympics anymore; Jim Redmond was a father, and he had to get to his son.”Dad, Derrick said, “Dad…Get me back to lane five. I want to finish.”
And leaning on each other, father and son made thier way areound the track as the crowd, with the whole world watching, rose to their feet cheering. Olympic organizers can light the skies with fireworks, they can invite kings and queens.. but this was the magic of real life.
That day people saw an example of great courage, but they witnessed an even greater story about love.
Love, simply stated, is the essence of life. It can put the smile on your face, the bounce in your step, and most importantly, the joy in your heart. Even when your whole world is crumbling around you, one person holding your hand, looking into your eyes, saying “I love you” is enough to get you through.
Love is to attitude as the rain is to flowers. Surround yourself with people who love you, and whom you can love back. This, more than anything else you can do, will provide the music for your life and the fuel for your soul……..(Happy Valentines Day…