I just finished reading “On the Wings of Heroes” written by Richard Peck. As my Dad, named Bill, had fought in World War II and often talked about his life on the farm and the times of that period, memories flooded back as the author descriptions unfolded. The story concentrated on those who were left behind while their sons or fathers/husbands went off to war. The times were really tough and the people on the home front had to make many sacrifices while they waited to hear from loved ones fighting abroad. Everything was rationed. The boy in the story worked hard to gather papers and metal for the war effort. When his brother Bill came home from the war on leave, he tried to model him stride for stride for Bill was his hero. His Dad had fought in World War I and had hurt his shoulder and years later still had to have it iced from the pain.

After reading this story I thought of all the families who now stay home and wait for word from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. They are making sacrifices as well. Their heroes are aboard, and they will face another holiday, Easter, without their loved ones. We pray that each one who sits and waits and those that are abroad this season will be blessed and kept with the arms of Jesus around them. May each be strengthened in body, soul, and spirit.

May each have a Happy Easter, remembering past Easters and looking forward to all that living with Jesus in your heart can bring. HAPPY EASTER TO THE SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES FROM THEDAILYLILIES. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE USA. YOU ARE OUR HEROES!
Amazon.com: On the Wings of Heroes
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