Today is Our Day

I am nine years old and I would like to share a very important ‘Big Story’ with all of you!
The day Christ died on the cross was a sad day. It was on a Friday. But He arose on Sunday! An angel rolled the stone away! I don’t know how many girls were watching it. The angel said, “Do not be afraid”

I don’t know about you, but I think they were really afraid. I think they ran away or did they? There was a man walking around. Mary came to this man, she did not know it was Christ until he said he was. She was so happy, she ran to his disciples. Thank you, Jesus.

PS Do you know how many girls were watching? You can find more of the story in this Book!

Love, Noah


10 thoughts on “Today is Our Day”

  1. Oh Noah! You are a preacher man like your namesake Noah of Noah’s ark and like your mom! He preached to the people just like you do.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful story about God and how much He loves us to send His Son. I will have to go to the Bible Book to read ‘the rest of the story”. Happy Resurrection Sunday, Noah and to your lovely family, too.
    Love, mg

  2. Ok, Naoh! I took on your challenge! You REALLY are a good preacher-man. You sent me back to my Bible, again, this Easter morning to see exactly how many “girls” were watching. I found 2 girls. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James in 3 Gospels and I found Mary Magdalene in the Gospel of John.
    I will keep studying to see if I have found the correct information. I know it is all in the Bible. Thanks again for a good challenge.
    love, mg

  3. Noah, thank you for sharing this ‘Big Story’ with us and asking us questions. Like MG, it made me want to go read my Bible. You were right, they were afraid when they saw what happened and the angel there. It said the soldiers shook for fear and the angel had to tell the girls not to be afraid. To add to the list of girls MG found, I found in Mark 16 that Salome brought spices to the tomb also. There is a lot to think about this story and to be happy about like Mary.

  4. Oh, No! Noah! You have challenged us again. I went back to the Bible and found in Luke that there were 4 women… Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Salome, like debi found and also Joanna! I found that in Luke 24:10. And the mystery continues.

  5. Noah, I love the way you told the Easter Story. I am not sure how many girls were there either. But, we do know that Jesus said to them, Why are you crying?’ He wanted the girls to go and share the message that our Savior is not dead.

    This message is what made me realize women can be messengers of Jesus. They were the first to tell The Story. I hope you will always tell this story.

  6. Noah, I love your story. I pray that You will always keep the Easter story in your heart. I’m not sure how many girls were there, but how blessed they were to see our Lord walking around after his death. What an honor that must have been. I ‘d like to wish a Happy Easter to the Lilies and Happy Easter to Noah and Luke.

  7. Happy and blessed Easter to our little evangelist’s family, parents and brother Luke.
    Happy and blessed Easter to Needle’s and family.

  8. Noah I love how you told this story and even the questions you asked….it causes people to want to read their bibles and find the answers and thats real good…….Happy Easter

  9. Preach on Noah. This is a great story. It is one we will never grow tired of hearing even if we here it a million, trillion times as it is a story of our Savior. You sure know a lot at a very young age. Thanks!!!!!

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