Is Jeremiah Wright-Right

Do you think Pastor Wright just may be deliberately trying to hurt Obama? If so, Why? Would God be happy with a shepherd hurting one of His sheep? Or, is he trying to make the Presidential race about him and his issues. Should we all be trying to make the race about our issues. It is our nation, isn’t it?

Do you think Wright is trying to cash in with his book and speeches for wealth and fame? Maybe he wants to make money to feed the poor! Do you think Jeremiah Wright just wants the World to see that RELIGION AND PEOPLE OF FAITH, RACE AND COLOR, all have a place in the leadership of America and the world? Do we as Americans have a Faith Face or a Faithless Face?

What is your view on this?


9 thoughts on “Is Jeremiah Wright-Right”

  1. Provocative challenges in your opening statements, Sara. Does any one of us as true believers in Jesus Christ, full of His Word, knowing His directives and having seen in the Scriptures the honesty, integrity, the forthrightness and the unconditional love that Jesus Christ portrays in every situational scenario in all of the Bible…..does any one of us have the courage to answer those questions without guile , in Spirit and in Truth?
    I am combing my mind (as Sara advises us to do) to find the tangles and to order my thinking on these questions.
    Right now, I don’t know the answers to the questions. I am searching my “faith”

  2. I, like MG, don’t have answers as I think the gift of wisdom and knowledge is needed to cut through to see the real truth from God’s perspective. I will have to give some more thought to ‘Faith Face or Faithless’. We as Americans (myself included) seem often to say a lot of words but may sometimes lack the action to back them up and James 2 14-18 says faith without workds is dead so wouldn’t that be faceless faith versus a face faith?

  3. Great article, W, thanks for the path to Page and his thoughts.

    I think Wright has a right to his faith and political thoughts. I think we all do as well. It just seems like some of us speak them when they have little chance of action and/or effect. Like a big cat when someone says scat, we run. And even more interesting is how a Christian Minister can speak and turn the Presidential candidates heads to make them a running mate. Seems like he is a running mate to all three of them. Is that because they are afraid to even mention one because they are afraid they will be found out.

    My thoughts are ‘what difference does it make to Hillary, Obama, McCain’ what Mr. Wright has to say? I would like to know what O, H . and M. plan to do about Health care, economy, wars, gas prices, budget, mortgage rates, and the list goes on and on while some of the Nation is focused on Mr. Wright. If we focus on Wright how can we focus and hold these candidates accountably for what they call right. Where is the Pastor of the others? Or, do the not even have one?

    And, for us why is it so hard to write our words about our thoughts of Wright? I understand if we have no idea who he even is? Then good!

  4. Debi, would ‘faceless face’ be a coward? Afraid to speak up and give thoughts and opinions on issue that one feels is important to them. The same kind of conversation one has over coffee when they think no one but the one they are facing can hear. An open honest dialogue that would benefit the good of all might be called a ‘face of faith.’

    How many people did it take to speak up to remove prayer from ‘American’ Schools? Think of many issues that you might think were important to you and then ask yourself what did I do or what would I do. If we don’t do anything waiting for ‘gift of knowledge and or wisdom’ to show up? Why, do we need those gifts if we know the truth from the Word of God. Knowledge takes some seeking and searching. If you would have said, “I don’t know, I have not been keeping up with this and know very little, if anything, about it then honest and faith would have been there.

    “Do we as Americans have a Faith Face or a Faithless Face?”

  5. Yes, Sara, I think a faceless face would be a coward. Hiding behind a mask of fear would make one’s true authentic face invisible…faceless. Only honesty will make an invisible face visible. I don’t know how many people it took to speak up to remove prayer from ‘American’ schools but based on your comments aboove, whoever they were they didn’t just say it to someone over a cup of coffee. Thanks for the exhortation to action.

  6. Thinking about the issue of the ‘pastor and the candidate” I do think that if this man of the cloth is prohibited from speaking his heart in his pulpit then that what about the rest of God’s ministers in the rest of God’s church pulpits, the Body of Christ? Will they be censored or admonished not to speak of political issues and on issues of the community and national governments, morality and mores? If Rev. Wright is wrong to speak out then who is right to speak out…(unless it’s the company line)?
    Eventually, someone tries to inhibit the free speech of our ministers in their pulpits and ex cathedra but if ONE CANNOT speak Then NONE CAN SPEAK.

  7. I believe many of us have a Faithless Face. We look to the right and left to see if we are offensive to anyone. It might be o.k. to be faithful in church, but don’t ask me to speak out in public about my stance. Don’t ask me to do it in my work place. Is the heart really faithful then, I wonder or a pretense at it. Several years ago I was asked to speak for “Prayer in Public Schools” at a school board meeting, which I was more than happy to do. Perhaps if more and more people would speak out we could get prayer back in. I do believe Mr. Wright should be able to speak out. If His congregation has a problem with what he’s saying then they can confront him in his congregation. We are all accountable to God so he (Mr. Wright), like us, must work to make our words count for God or be judged by Him.

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