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I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.
Schweitzer, Albert


9 thoughts on “Quote for the Day”

  1. This quote looks like the principle that Jesus teaches us if want to have true joy. He told us …”whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matt: 20:26-28). This isn’t an option for living, it is a command. And He has instructed us in keeping His commands …”that My joy may remain in you and that your joy may be full” (John 15:11). No one can settle our destiny for us, we must choose life or death, obedience or disobedience, joy or misery, heaven or hell.

  2. If those who are called and choose to serve do not have LOVE for the brethren, love for those whom they are serving, then they serve in vain. Paul says in the Love chapter of 1Cor. 13:3-4, ” if I dole out to the poor and give my life for people but do not have love, I accomplish nothing. Love endures long and is patient, (especially) with the the unlovely.” Love is not petulant, i.e. kind with fellowship on one day, and withdrawn on the next and it is not rude with ‘oneupsmanship’.
    So even in the most gifted among us there must be that compassionate love. For if not, even in the most glittering of ministries, only self is served.

  3. Chickenfarmer said it best…”How can you tell me how to love you!”

    and the sermon Rena heard in Maui….Rev. David Krueger. He introduced the sermon by saying have you heard the phrase, “If you love me, you’ll …………” This saying is of the world. If you love me, you’ll buy me this or that. (or do this or that) Jesus never said if you love me you will do this or that for me. He never directed attention to his self.”

    People are looking for love in all the wrong places and then accusing others of not loving them. Why don’t they start doing a little loving by serving others instead of sitting around trying to control others to do things they want and most of the time to assist them to do wrong.

    MG your comment sounds like a lot of very sour people sound today. They have no love for others so they spend their time talking about how others should love them. Of course, this is baby talk and as always the body of Christ is to work toward maturity and come to the fulness of the Son.

    Albert Schweitzer gave us another tip for happiness and metal health and I think he is qualified from reading about the fruit of his life.

    It is so pleasant to love those that love you and are in unity with you but gee it is hard to deal with the unlovely. And, the body of Christ has them. Selfish people have no love to give back and that makes it very difficult if not impossible for the ones that have that wonderful gift of mercy and compassion.

    Therefore, my thoughts are forget the complainers and go and serve those that God sends one to and then this conversation will become null and void.

  4. Amen ……when you serve and help people that God sends you to help and serve …well….I know I get heppy and they get happy…and after while everybody gets happy……Look at Jesus he even said he came not to be served but to serve….and boy has that made those of us who have tasted of the life he has served to us really happy…( This is my body broken for you…this is my blood shed for you)….He served us a meal that lasts all eternity…..and Alber Schweitzer shared and served out of his lifes experiences……thank you too Sara for sharing and serving to us all you find out too!….dj

  5. My prayers are that we will all be safe, be happy and be grateful for His goodness, mercy and love that He is is pouring out upon each of us.

    We all have very busy schedules and work loads and as we wait on Him and serve Him and love Him He will not fail us. Let us pray that God will lift up intercessors for our ministry to hold us up to The Father when our schedules are full and then becomes overflowing with things from out of no where.

    I pray for intercessors throughout the Body of Christ. Intercessors for our Presidential Election that specialize in this. Intercessors for world events that specialize in this. Intercessors for pastors and leaders that are specialized in this field of work. Intercessors for individual needs that will not be distracted by the controllers and whiners and those that are on medication and that have mood swings but pray for their day of healing and relief.

    One way I can serve is continue to pray and hear the voice of God when I pray for others and not run when others try to intimidate or not help or pout or whine. Continue to pray if that is your area of serving or help when help is needed. I have watched Dorothy and Rena pour themselves out this week with the ministry of helps and compassion and mercy. What beautiful gifts to have. And, beauty to behold to the eye as they use them. We all have gifts to serve with and I pray we will all serve as Albert Schweitzer has given a word of wisdom. I sure don’t want to neglect or pollute it with my own emotional thoughts. I want to use my gift to serve. And, I thank God for my gift and the opportunity to serve as He leads and directs.

    I know Debi has the beautiful gift of giving and I see The Holy Spirit has added to her the gift of mercy. Whoa! He does those things when He wants and knows the Body of Christ is in need. And, our MG has had great need this week after having cataract surgery. She is experiencing buildup of pressure within the eye. Please all continue to pray for her full healing. I thank those in NC and Va for your prayers and support for MG. And, thanks to all that have helped to take care of MG at this time.

    I am working on a teaching on the gifts and it is so exciting to see them in others in full bloom!!! Makes one rejoice. Rejoice Rejoice and again I say rejoice.

  6. Narcissistic self-centered people seek to be served rather than to serve. While at times we all may need others to serve us and many do serve us with love. Although if one is just seeking self-gratification through the serve and love of others you will be very disappointed at times. If you are one of those you will never enjoy the admonition Schweitzer has given us.

  7. Amen Debi, “No one can settle our destiny for us, we must choose life or death, obedience or disobedience, joy or misery, heaven or hell.”

  8. Gary’s comment reminds me how the Lord told us to keep our love and serving priorities straight: “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance, for you serve the Lord Christ.” (Col 3:23-24).
    Jesus asked Peter a very penetrating question three times about his love …’Peter do you love Me?’…and then told him how to express this love for Him…’Feed My sheep’. (John 21:15-17).
    And Dj’s happiness must be the result of God being the Lord of her service.
    “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!” (Ps 144:15).
    Once again, thanks Sara and The Daily Lily for maintaining your motto “…’serving others with love’.

  9. Gary, I love your insight on Narcissistic self-centered people. When we seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit daily we can see ourselves and correct with the counsel given. Or, we can project our NS-C on others for our moment of pleasure.

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