There lived new parents in the land of Ozzie.
They worked hard and gave birth to two children.
They held them and loved them.
They gave them everything they could ever wish for.
The parents worked hard, giving them no responsibilities.
The children were not happy and wanted more,
The land of Ozzie certainly owed it to them.
They lived here and were they NOT perfect.

They grew up.
What is wrong with this world? Where were the gifts? Where was the joy? they asked.
Groomed to receive they failed not to want.
The Mother grieved and the Father despaired.

The gift of living the rewarding life seemed to the now men to have been withheld
To give to another by serving and working hard was not to be found in their being.
The Mother and Father raised their hand saying,
“The younger generation has gone to the wolves.”
The devil laughed.
“What did you expect?
(c)12/223/08 RKOynes