9 thoughts on “Quote for the Day

  1. God gave a gift to the world of his only begotten Son. He sought out someone without sin. He found his Son and He sent Him to Earth to die for our sins. We who receive this gift will be with the Father and Son in Heaven. God gave the BEST. Our heart should be like our Father’s heart, seeking the very best – then what a precious commodity. Giving with LOVE is a gift that is held onto tightly and remembered. Given without heart, goes in the trash.
    When my mother was alive she would give us a quilt that she had painstakingly cut out, pieced together, and presented to us. One year she gave me one with all my old dresses from childhood. I loved the quilt and now I even love it more as she has gone on to heaven probably still clicking the needle against her thimble this day. I received warmth of the heart and warmth of the body all in one.
    Another gift I received recently was a large canvass picture of Gypsy Girl. I so admired the photo taken by Jon Mar in TREK THE WORLD (http://www.JonathanMar.com) I was so amazed at this gift. It reminds me of the time when Christ Church Int’l went to India, it reminds me of the beautiful colors in the Indian culture, it reminds me of our call to the youth, it reminds me of the wonderful God given talent that came forth in this picture by the click of Jon’s camera. Everyday I look at the picture and pray for the people of India, the girl, the photographer, and the ones who came together and spent their valuable time to see that I got it for Christmas. That is some type of heart gift, a precious commodity.

  2. Jesus knows when a gift is from the heart.
    He was annointed in Bethany by a woman who had a very expensive alabaster jar of perfume…a precious commodity in those days worth a lot of money. The woman poured it on his head…she poured out her all from her heartfelt thanks and worship. The disciples were indidnant at this gift and thought what she did was wasteful, but Jesus didn’t. He understood its value both as a commodity and as a gift from the heart and said “I tell you with certainty, wherever this gospel is proclaimed throughout the whole world, what she has done will also be told as a memorial to her.” Matt 26:13

  3. Rena, I read your comment to our friend Barbara today. She shared the same sentiments about her Mom. She said her Mom made her a quilt out of all her high school skirts. And, that she also had made her one with her name in every square. Her Mother, affectionately called Sis. Alice, also made her brother, Charles one with his name in each and every square. These are gifts with God’s love in them. They keep on giving.

    Thanks to you and Barbara for sharing memories.

  4. There is something so special about gifts that come from the labor of love of someone’s hands…like the heart is directly connected to those hands.
    Even when a loved one is gone, it seems the gift lives on. I know my grandmother gave me many nice gifts throughout her lifetime but the one I seem to remember and cherish the most were the hand crocheted rag rugs made just for my room. It took many hours to collect and cut the fabric remnants into strips, think about how to piece and match the colors and patterns and then sit and crochet them on her lap during the winter months. When time and energy is poured in, the gift certainly is a ‘precious commodity.’

  5. I would like to say I love handmade gifts. Our friend, Dorothy, made me a beautiful scarf for Christmas this year. I had no scarfs as my beautiful scarfs have disappeared. I am thinking I accidentally gave them to Goodwill in a box without knowing what was in it. I feel so bad as they were all handmade with love. But, Dorothy, being the jewel she is jumped right to it and made me one. It is a real gift from God to those that have the ability to make and give.

    Blessings to all God’s helping hands!

  6. My mom sure surprised me this Christmas, with a gift of God’s love. Apparently my grandmother had given her a square piece of material, that she had started piecing together….to make a quilt. I’m not sure how long she had it, and didn’t even know that she even had it? Anyway, she had it framed and wrapped in red paper with a beautiful bow on it. She actually had three of them, one for me, one for my sister, and one for my niece. She brought them out to us, after we had finished our gift sharing and asked us each to pick one. When we opened them,my mom said, “wow, you picked the very ones I had in mind for you to have”. I have it on my wall at home, right now. I can always look at it hanging there on my wall, and remember my precious grandmother’s talent of sewing! Thanks Moma, for giving me this gift of love!

  7. Needles, I heard about you knitting scarfs for the very first time and giving your Mom one for Christmas. What a gift for a Mother to receive. A gift of love from daughters heart to Mother’s heart.

  8. Matthew 26: 6,7 “While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of a man known as Simon the Leper, a woman (Mary) came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table.”

    Mary’s example of pouring out her gift of spikenard, on Jesus, her Messiah, is a very poignant lesson to us all. Whatever the Lord has put in your hand, whatever He has filled you with, don’t hold back…pour it out upon Him…to the very last drop. He is Worthy,” A gift of love!

  9. I love the gift of words that are given from the heart. I have so many wonderful friends and family relations that encourage me, compliment me and challenge me.

    I so miss my sister that was my sparring partner. She never failed to take the challenge and for that we both were growing and maturing with cheerio bowls of joy, happiness, love and peace.

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