Happy Birthday Needles

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birth-day Dear Needles, Happy Birthday to you……..
I like to wish one of my most precious friends a very Happy Birthday. May the Lord Bless you and your family each and everyday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEEDLES……….(I would ask how old you are but I don’t want to get in trouble)

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Needles

  1. We are giving a ‘shout out’ to heaven for your day and your new year. Hope you have a day beyond special. Thoughts and prayers are going your way so fast you can’t miss them.

    Since Chickenfarmer, a young whippersnapper won’t talk about age I won’t either!

  2. Blessed Birthday, dear Needles. For a new spin on an old ad, you are getting better the YOUNGER you get.
    We are so happy there is a NEEDLES in this world. The world is better for your having been born. Praise God for Needles.

  3. Dear Needles,
    Heavenly breezes blow your way
    A kiss of love upon your cheek
    A brush of fragrance to lift you up.
    A warmth of calm to fill you
    A whisper of wisdom to always guide you
    A measure of grace to embrace you
    An eternity of joy to sustain you.

    You are so special. Have a wonderful birthday.

  4. “As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend”. Proverbs 27:17.

    “The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships”, Abraham Lincoln.

    Thank you all, for the wonderful birthday blessings and prayers, for me. I can’t imagine spending life without friends. I love each one of you, and enjoy sharing and caring for each other, and those all over the world, right here on the daily lily.

  5. Luci Swindell says of friendship, “When we reach out to others, they reach out to us. It’s a two-way street, a street practically lined with balloons and streamers in celebration of the unique bonds of friendship.”

    Needles, you are a bona fide friend to me and the friends of The Daily Lily. It’s a privileged to say your name to Our Father each day.

  6. As you walk in the newness of another year may the Lord bless you. As a child of God sitting at his table may you enjoy the communication and benefits that he will pour out upon you this year. May the golden nuggets He has you munch on fill you and others. Happy Birthday Needles!

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