Had Christ refused, His blood to shed,
Refused to bow His sacred head,
Had Jesus simply said “Oh, no.
Up Calvary’s Hill I will not go.”

Had Jesus simply said, “Not I,”
When called upon to bleed and die.
“I will not bear the sins of those
Who stripe my back and part my clothes.”

“Not so, I say, no way will I
Hang bleeding ‘twixt the earth and sky,
And hang in shame till I be dead,
A crown of thorns placed on my head.”

“No way will I become their sin,
A sacrifice for evil men.
While they stand mocking up at me,
My body racked with agony.”

“I will not climb Golgotha’s hill,
And yield unto my Father’s will.
I think, instead, that I shall go
To some safe place that they don’t know.”

But these are not the words He said;
He simply bowed His sacred head,
And there upon Mount Calvary,
He chose to die for you and me.

But had not Jesus chose to die
There’d be no hope for you and I.
We’d not be free nor be made whole,
From scarlet sins that stain our soul.

Had Christ not chose to shed His blood,
And plunge believers ‘neath the flood,
That trickled down at Calvary,
There’d be no hope for you and me.

But, oh, the awful journey made,
And, oh, the awful price He paid,
That you and I might be set free
To dwell with Him, eternally.

It would be quite easy to understand Christ’s sacrifice had He chose to give
His life for righteous men. But the fact is, He chose to lay down
His life for the ungodly. Loving us to much,
He simply by His action said, “Die for you? Of course I will.”

William Raymond Waterman, Sr.