I’m thankful that my Saviour came,
So thankful that He took my shame,
And bore that shame to Calvary,
That by His blood, I’d be set free.

I’m glad he said, “I’ll bear the cross.
I’ll climb the hill. I’ll pay the cost.
I’ll wear the crown of thorns for they,
Who part my clothes and mock this day.

“I’ll bear it all that men might know,
That each believer here below,
May by my blood be whitest still,
‘Cause I have walked Golgotha’s hill.”

Yes, he did walk and walked alone,
God’s loving son, made flesh and bone;
Has suffered, died, does freely give,
His blood for you, that you might live.

And all that it will cost you, friend,
For inner peace and happy end,
Is time enough to simply say,
“Dear Lord, forgive my sins today.”

I am forgiven, now I know,
His blood has washed me white as snow.
I now am cleansed, from sin set free,
Kept by the grace bestowed on me.

William Raymond Waterman, Sr.