God’s Gift

I’m thankful that my Saviour came,
So thankful that He took my shame,
And bore that shame to Calvary,
That by His blood, I’d be set free.

I’m glad he said, “I’ll bear the cross.
I’ll climb the hill. I’ll pay the cost.
I’ll wear the crown of thorns for they,
Who part my clothes and mock this day.

“I’ll bear it all that men might know,
That each believer here below,
May by my blood be whitest still,
‘Cause I have walked Golgotha’s hill.”

Yes, he did walk and walked alone,
God’s loving son, made flesh and bone;
Has suffered, died, does freely give,
His blood for you, that you might live.

And all that it will cost you, friend,
For inner peace and happy end,
Is time enough to simply say,
“Dear Lord, forgive my sins today.”

I am forgiven, now I know,
His blood has washed me white as snow.
I now am cleansed, from sin set free,
Kept by the grace bestowed on me.

William Raymond Waterman, Sr.

10 thoughts on “God’s Gift

  1. Thanks, Bill. This is the Easter story in poetry for the great redemption that you so poetically penned above would not be possible without the Easter resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He gave us the promise of forgiveness by His death and He rose from the dead to enforce it.
    Praise GOD>

  2. Bill,
    What a wonderful poetic illustration of God’s gift. I am thankful that my sins can be and are forgiven, because of what Jesus did for me on “Golgotha’s Hill”.

    Thank you, Jesus, for your shed blood. I can’t begin to imagine the death you endured for all mankind! May this Easter season, be a time for us all to reflect on Your death and Your resurrection!

  3. I echo your sentiments Bill, we are so grateful to Jesus for the grace that He has bestowed on us that keeps us day by day.

  4. Thank you for sharing this great poem Bill. What stood out to me was the word ‘time’. Jesus took time to come to earth to be born for us; took the time to live in preparation for the walk up that hill; took time to be scourged and wear a crown of thorns for us; took time to walk the long uphill journey to the cross; and took time to hang there for us in agony. His time for us was a priceless gift.
    And by comparison, as you let us know in your poem, forgiveness of our sins costs us time to ask for forgiveness from Him. What an exchange.

  5. Thank you for sharing God’s Gift to us. I’m awe struck that Jesus left heaven and took time as Debi said to come to Earth seeing us laiden down with sin with no hope. I love the stanza: “I’ll bear it all that men might know,
    That each believer here below, May by my blood be whitest still,
    ‘Cause I have walked Golgotha’s hill.” Our blood (life) dark with sin is no longer dark because of Golgotha. He did it for me. He did it for all as none but He was pure of sin. Jesus we thank you. May we walk in the repaired life you died to see in us come forth.

  6. No One Inside

    Down from the cross, the crucified,
    Thought lifeless, placed in the ground;
    A stone rolled tight against the door
    By the soldiers gathered ‘round.

    Then taunting said, “Your Lord’s inside.
    Your Jesus is dead and gone!
    Why stand you here to weep and mourn?
    Far better to just move on!”

    Then when the early morning came,
    One of His followers cried,
    “Someone has rolled the stone away,
    And there is no one inside!”

    “No one inside, no one inside,
    Our Lord has truly risen!
    The sepulcher was powerless
    To hold Him in its prison.
    Because He is the risen Christ,
    Our sins can be forgiven.
    And we who place our trust in Him
    Shall live with Him in heaven.

    And we who sleep when trumpet sounds,
    Believing, tested and tried,
    Will rise and folks will marvel at
    Our grave . . . . no one inside.

    No one inside, no one inside,
    The dead in Christ has risen.
    Both death and grave are powerless
    To hold us in this prison.
    William Raymond Waterman, Sr.

  7. What a beautiful poem to express and tell the Easter message that He lives. And that because He lives we can live forever with Him. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Wow Bill Your poem expresses the exhilaration and inescapable joy of the resurrected Christ and His promise to us when He comes for us…

    NO ONE INSIDE NO ONE INSIDE! What a proclamation of the omnipotence of the Lord God Almighty.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of word art.

  9. what a beautiful picture you paint with your words as an artist of the Lord my mind paints picture when I hear spoken words or read them and what a beautiful sight of Love your words have given me….and not just me but to all those who visit this site

  10. Bill, I hope and pray that many will find “God’s Gift” and “No One Inside” the tomb this Easter Sunday. May the Risen Lord be invited into the hearts of the multitudes as they heard the message of the cross, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for keeping us on task as we celebrate Easter!

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