This week the Holy Spirit kept bringing the story of David and Goliath to my mind and urging me to go a little deeper into the story. With the help of Sara I was able to finish this piece.

When I focused upon the story I thought isn’t this story like life. We come up against situations that everyone tells us are impossible and that we don’t have a chance against them. We hear the words to the effect, the problem is too colossal. The situation is too nerve racking, shaking us to our bone marrow as we look upon the giant. Is it fear, a relationship, an illness etc.? Outsiders see the giant that is our enemy and just like the Israelites they are overcome by the pure size of the giant.

God sent a child, David, to fight the giant. Why a child? A child whose faith was pure. A child who looked to the hand of God for protection for the sheep he cared for and ways to protect them from enemies that lurked to chew them up and destroy them. God prepared David. David and God went round and round the fields and hills together caring and protecting the sheep. God was there along side him all the time. God chose this child, a child who knew Him, a child He had trained. Not an adult who had grown luke warm or distant to Him. Not one we would expect to come up against the giant who had confidence in their own abilities. This child, David, was CONFIDENT in GOD’S ABILITIES. He was confident that God had equipped him to slay the giant. David had a relationship of trust that had been built up over time. A trust that enwrapped the heart and strengthened the resolve of David so he could stand and withstand, and he DID. He faced the giant -the giant of destruction WHILE others shook in their boots. David said, Enough – time to get rid of this destroyer. Others did not have David’s training of prayer and trust in the Father. Others could have but they didn’t choose for the Father to train them. Because of David resolve to be trained by the Father, the Father stood and acted on his behalf – He loved David, thus God stood with David. In faith, David picked up what he had in his hand, a relationship of conversation (intercessory prayer), a pebble (which might seem small to some but not to the Father) that pierced the giant that would have taken his life. Pierced the giant that caused people to tremble. As the giant lay on the ground, the giant that seemed so colossal seemed small against the Mightiness of God. The child and God looked on. The child thanking God for again showing how small the giants in our lives are when we use what is in our hand (intercessory prayer). Praise God for slaying the giants in our lives when we pray.