jasper |ˈjaspər| noun
1 an opaque reddish-brown variety of chalcedony.
2 a kind of hard fine porcelain invented by Josiah Wedgwood and used for Wedgwood cameos and other delicate work.

Other delicate work. What other delicate work is Jasper used for?

Revelation 21:11-13 (NKJV) ” having the glory of God. Her light was like a most precious stone, like a jasper stone, clear as crystal.” Also she had a great and high wall with twelve gates, and twelve angels at the gates, and names written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel: three gates on the east, three gates on the north, three gates on the south, and three gates on the west. ”

Who is she, dressed in such splendor? Have you ever gone to the ‘Build-a-bear’ store and built yourself or made a gift by building a bear and dressing them in splendor from an array of fabric and jewels? Fun, exciting, I think it is. So, let’s peek into the window of God’s Word and build the ‘City of God’ with our word art for all to see and enjoy.

If you pause and think for a moment of a Jasper Stone, a light, a lamp or eyes shining clear as a crystal? Enjoy taking a tour of this great city by reading Revelation 21.

Let’s build and dress Her for His Glory…..Rev. 21:18 says, “The construction of its wall was of jasper;”