Adopt a ClassRoom

The Daily Lily has joined with USIS in- adopting a- classroom(s).I was very blessed to have Jim as my classroom. We gave his classroom 15 Etch-A-Sketch’s. Also as you can see from the pictures USIS added much to our gift!

Img 0767Img 0768-1

Jim grew up in Leesburg, Va. He was in Jon’s class and is a good friend of my son and our family. Great student. Excellence soccer player. Outstanding character. Jim’s Mother is from Ghana and has been an ambassador to serve the people of this great Nation and allowed us to be a part in giving to the children of Ghana.Img 0766

USIS and are blessed to support Jim as he serves the children of Marshall Elementary in Fairfax, Va. Our blessings to Jim, his students and all students of ’09-’10 school year. And, once again, thanks Tammy for putting this project together! Great Job!


8 thoughts on “Adopt a ClassRoom

  1. Have a great year Jim. What a blessing this wonderful corporate group USIS under outreach spear heading of Tammy Mar and are. They are such an caring and giving group of adults who love children and want to help. Do they every help! Your students will love them as mine do. May the Lord bless you and Marshall Elementary this year – ’09 – ’10

  2. What a great way to capture the attention of your students this year with etch-a-sketch. Very innovative.

    I like the pictures and especially the one with you and Sara and ‘Thanks Jon” behind you.

  3. What an inspiring and great project in supporting this classroom and teacher. Blessings to you and your students Jim!
    I love the photos and can’t wait to hear how the students like their etch-a- sketch and supplies.

  4. What a worthy project. USIS and CCI make a great team. For love of God and love of your fellow man (children). Thanks for your community-minded service. What joy to be involved in helping others to succeed in their studies and pursuit of knowledge and wisdom

  5. May the Lord bless the children in Ghana, at Marshall Elementary School, Jim and his mother. I can’t think of a better gift. When I was a child I loved playing with an Etch-A-Sketch. I still love to play with them. I know these children will , enjoy these awesome gifts. Thank you, Tammy, USIS, and the lilies. You were willing and obedient to do God’s work. What a beautiful blessing! May these children get countless hours of enjoyment with these gifts.

  6. What an awesome way to help children. I pray God’s blessings on all that helped contribute to this project, and on all the children that will be using these items.

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