Samaritan Purse Christmas Child

Many thanks to all that have participated in ’09 Samaritan Purse Christmas Child with Christ Church Int’l. You did an outstanding job. Thanks to The Daily Lily in NC as well as others that worked hard to accomplish this task. A big yell out to Tammy and USIS.

TDL with packages

TDL Dolls

Christopher Mar did a great job with his photos leaving us with some memories.
Samaritan’s Purse Packing 2009 – Christopher Mar’s Photos

11 thoughts on “Samaritan Purse Christmas Child

  1. Chris, your photos are awesome…they really captured the event! What a great day and privilege to participate with each one in this wonderful outreach project for needy children around the world.

  2. CCI and The Daily Lily cannot say “Thank You” enough to each of you that worked diligently to accomplish this project for ‘Christmas for Children’ around the world. We are sad that Tammy H., our Needles, sons, Nick and Nat and Wendy, our Chickenfarmer, and sons, Noah and Luke writers for the Lily are not in the pictures. But, their boxes are. Their boxes will go with around 200 more to be delivered to Samaritan Purse pick-up in November.

    Debi, thanks to you and Monroe Tech for such a generous all year long gift of allowing us to use the Horticulture Dept. for this great project for children.

    Thanks to the many that have donated to make these boxes possible. Thanks to CCI for hosting and helping in so many ways that only our PURPOSE for doing knows, Jesus, our Lord. I keep singing over each of you, “Behold the Lamb of God.”

    May all be blessed in ways too numerous for me to name,

  3. I pray that each and every child that receives these boxes, will enjoy what is inside, but more importantly, I pray that they will come to know Jesus, as their personal Savior. I’d like to thank CCI, for allowing, Nicholas, Nathaniel, and myself, the opportunity to participate, in giving and helping others. May God bless each person, for helping with this wonderful project.

  4. Chris, your photos are delightful. I practically cried when I saw the fervor and the ardor captured by your photographs of the Samaritan Purse ‘Boxing Day” Experience. Thanks for your great skill as a photographer, your keen sense of humor and your ability to capture a great action shot in a ‘still’.

  5. Thanks Chris for taking the beautiful pictures. They show the heart of people who loved putting together the perfect boxes or the perfect note for a child. Many people when they came to check out a box with the final touches would play with a stuff animal and say you are now on your way to a new home may this box bless the child who is to receive it. Thank you Chris for capturing all who reached out to touch a child somewhere in the world. What caring and unique individuals!

  6. We participate in this project “Operation Christmas Child” in our Church. (Chesapeake, Va. Presbyterian) We’ve had several people who put notes in their packages and received notes back from the child receiving the package. Last year a couple in their mid 80’s received the most adorable note wanting to know what grade of school they were in and would they be his pin pal. The note was so cute.

    Your pictures certainly showed how happy each of you were to be doing this.

  7. Awesome picture, Christopher. Noah, Luke and I enjoyed putting these boxes together. We are praying that each box will be a touching witness of God’s love to one of His children. Thank you to all who participated in the beautiful action of giving. God Bless these children and God Bless the Givers.

  8. Nice job on the dolls made by the lovely ladies of thedailylily. Just imagine when a child receives your doll they are receiving love from I think all of you did a real creative creation for special children.

  9. This week a young boy of 8 came up to me in my class. He comes often throughout the day asking me one question after another. I listened as he poured out what was on his mind. He asked, “Mrs. O what is heaven like? I just was wondering if you would know?” I said, “It will be the most beautiful place you could ever imagine.” He smiled and then he asked, “Mrs. O will they have school in heaven? With a nod he read my body language. “Oh good he said as he went off to another task and thought.”
    How precious are the children (Luke 18:15-17)
    Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”
    I remember another child of long ago who was a terrible behavior problem who poured over the drawings by Debi Chaves as she read the pages of Under the Hand of Jesus. She read the story several times and today she is a nurse. What are we teaching our children. They too have questions? They too need the hope of Jesus in their lives. If we don’t have it within ourselves how are they to know the HOPE which is theirs? The young boy apparently has a parent or grandparent like Timothy in the bible who was a follower of Jesus. The young girl peered at pictures and words and believed. In the next few weeks we will be sending packages with the message of Jesus tucked inside. Will the children of the world be like the little girl and believe – grow up and share like the boy’s parents or grandparents? We pray each will be touched by the hand of Jesus.

  10. We delivered approximately 240 boxes to Dranesville United Methodist Church (A Franklin Graham pick-up point) last night for the final step for us. These Christmas boxes are on their way to a special child for each individual box.

    Many thanks to all that participated in preparing these boxes. It was a year long project, many people giving, doing and praying. Please continue to pray for each child that will receive our boxes. We also met our financial goal for shipping each individual box.

    Give yourself a cheer of thanks as God smiles upon you and a child leaps for joy out of experiencing a box of love each of you have poured into this project. Thank you!

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