10 thoughts on “Quote for Today

  1. George Bernard Shaw certainly had some great quotes. I saw Sara used a few of them in her recent comments under her blog “Divine Photographer” that really make you analyze your own conversation and the effectiveness and impact of your own words. Maybe Shaw used them to further fuel his own thought processes as he conversed with himself or others.I think a witty, wise or clever quote in a conversation is like a well- served tennis ball that requires great agility and skill to return successfully.

  2. I guess we can call this “duelling quotations” but I counter with this quote, which has been a subject we have pursued on this blog. GOALS: PURPOSE
    “Men cannot, for long, live hopefully unless they are embarked upon some great unifying enterprise…one for which they may pledge their lives, their fortunes and their honor.” ___C. A. Dykstra

  3. That’s a true quote because that describes GOD Whow is totally independent and still accepts our imperfect acts of love and worship from our imperfect beings. GOOD ONE!!

  4. Right MG, a real good one. That kind of thinking will leaving you in a rocking chair thinking for awhile. It does humble one to know that what we think is our best worship is still imperfect next to Independence, the One whom the government is upon their shoulders.

  5. Sara that quote is very spicy. I love it. It is so true. One of my quotes that I have been preaching to my boys is ” Think before you act.” I am trying to teach them that there are either positive or negative consequences to every action.

  6. Keep everybody’s life spicy with that quote Chickefarmer! I think it is a good as garlic for the health.

    “Garlic the spice of life: the bulbs of this familiar members of the lily family have been cultivated for thousands of years for use as a culinary and a medicinal herb.” Oh, CF, don’t forget to look before you leap!

  7. A quotation from Jesus’ book that caught my attention in a new say today. Quote: “Where your treasure is there will your heart be, also.” Wow!

  8. That’s a good GPS for locating and following your heart MG.
    We will probably find the mind, body and money there also.

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